Friday, September 20, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM MDT
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Brewsters Foothills 
5519 53rd Street SE
Calgary, AB T2C 4V1

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Mary Thornley 

2019 CAMA Alberta Agri-Innovation Tour
September 20

Alberta’s diverse landscape makes it ideal for growing crops and raising livestock. But did you know that Alberta produces more than just grain and cattle? The ag sector continues to evolve thanks to an established strength in food processing, smart agriculture, specialized research and training and the growth of niche crops. Our Agri-Innovation Tour focuses on Calgary’s expanding local innovation including Deepwater Farms and Livestock Water Recycling. We will end this intriguing event at Brewsters Foothills for optional networking.

Deepwater Farms – Calgary's first aquaponic farm!

If you’ve never heard of aquaponics before - don’t feel bad. The modern aquaponic farm is a relatively new concept, where fish are farmed in large, indoor tanks and their waste is filtered out of the water and upgraded through a series of natural processes. The upgraded waste is used as fertilizer for plants, which are being grown hydroponically (“without soil”) in a separate system.

Livestock Water Recycling – disruptive, regenerative and transformative!

Manure handling and storage has devastating economic and environmental impacts. Pollution from farms can affect the quality of the air, soil and groundwater in local communities. Health issues from excess manure can cause sickness in works and lost productivity in animals. Expansion and succession planning are often not feasible. However, Livestock Water Recycling creates value for the food production industry by reducing the expense and environmental impact of waste liquids. With consumers demanding transparency, and at the height of the farm-to-table social movement, they’ve designed a technology that achieves optimized production, maximum yields, return on investment and minimal environmental impact.

Tour Schedule


Meet at Brewster Foothills to board Bass Bus.
Leave at 1:15PM


Arrive at Deepwater Farms for Tour #1

2:45PM Leave Deepwater Farms

Head to next location: Livestock Water Recycling


Arrive at Livestock Water Recycling for Tour #2.
Start at 3:15PM

3:50PM Leave Livestock Water Recycling

Head to next location: Big Rock Brewery

4:00PM Networking at Big Rock Brewery

Optional -
First beer at Brewster Foothills is on CAMA Alberta!

Tour Registration Price:  $40 per person

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