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Monday, October 28, 2019 at 8:00 AM EDT
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 6:00 PM EDT

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Dinner provided after the first day of programming on October 28th


Kyon Bioskills Lab - Boston MA

Kyon Bioskills Lab
480 William F. McClellan HWY
Suite 202
Boston, Massachusetts 02128
United States


There are many options for accomodations given our close proximity to Logan Airport - about a six minute drive away. Below is the closest to our lab, but downtown Boston is only 15 minutes away by car should you wish to stay in the heart of of the city.

Please click here to book your hotel room online:

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Hilton Garden Inn  
0.3 miles from lab
Shuttle provided or 5-10 minute walk

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KYON TTA & TTA-2 Course
Boston, Massachusetts


– Review of rationale / theory
– Instruction in lecture / video / bone model / cadaver
– Technical / practical instruction
– Bone model and cadaver exercises
– Post-Op radiograph critique for each participant
– Ample discussion
– Presentations on clinical experience, advanced techniques, avoiding/managing complications, new/ongoing research


Kyon Bioskills Lab
480 William F. McClellan HWY 
Suite 202
Boston, Massachusetts 02128
United States




Veterinarian $1500
Technician $300 (strongly encouraged to attend)


Payment can be made online via PayPal or contacting Marta Harrington at the KYON Boston office





Otto Lanz, DVM, DACVS
More to be announced

KYON Boston 
Marta Harrington


Since the invention of TTA by KYON founder, Slobodan Tepic, the procedure has been evolving. Unlike TPLO, a procedure strongly patented and closely curated during its early clinical development, TTA and the implants and instruments required to perform the procedure were not patented.

The result has been a significant variation in the quality and thoroughness of TTA instruction and, therein, surgical application. Several of the companies copying TTA offered abbreviated courses with little or no attention to planning and soft tissues. If you learned TTA at another training event, from a colleague, or online, it is highly likely that your TTAs are less than ideal.

As the inventor of TTA, we have a unique insight and commitment to, not only the device, but also the procedure. KYON has supported over 20 in vitro tests, several publications, and many posters and presentations. Our emphasis on preoperative planning and surgical execution is like no other TTA course. Our exceptional faculty of TTA instructors have contributed enormously to the refinement of the technique, conquering of challenging patients and understanding of clinical outcomes.




In early 2004, following three years of clinical testing, KYON launched the original Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) procedure for cranial cruciate deficiency in dogs. Slobodan Tepic, Dr. Sci., Dipl. Ing., and Prof. Pierre M. Montavon, Head of Small Animal Surgery at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zurich, invented and developed TTA to allow neutralization of cranial tibial thrust without compromising joint congruency. At the time, this technique was a major departure from conventional practice. KYON’s TTA procedure has been performed in >100,000 procedures by more than 1,000 surgeons.

Throughout the last decade of clinical experience, KYON continued to refine and improve TTA preoperative planning, surgical technique, implants and instruments. In 2012, KYON in collaboration with Dr. Joop Hopmans began in vitro testing and, soon after, safety and efficacy testing to explore the next step in the TTA evolution, TTA-2*. TTA-2 consists of an incomplete osteotomy, performed with a novel hinged saw guide and a new cage, designed to transfer shear and compression forces. The simplified surgical technique preserves the periosteum on the medial aspect of the tibial tuberosity, eliminates stress risers created by the plate, fork, and screws, shortens the surgery time, and reduces the implant inventory. *patent pending