Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 10:00 AM EDT
Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 11:30 PM EDT

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Dave Beatty 
Greater DC Area APA 

Mid-Atlantic Challenge Sign Up 

Greater DC APA – Mid Atlantic Challenge Team Selection

 The Greater DC APA has played an integral part in bringing a new regional “Dream Team” type tournament to the Mid Atlantic Area!  We are excited for the inaugural event and can’t wait to get the show on the road!!  Normally we run qualifying tournaments to narrow the field for these extra events.  This time, we are doing open signups for your 3 person 9Ball dream team and will randomly draw 4 winners.  Players must all be active on a 9 Ball team in our area.  Teams will pay their own travel expenses, but the Greater DC APA will cover the tournament entry fees this year.  Once teams are selected, they will be required to pay the $150 slot fee up front, but it will be returned to them in cash upon team check in at the event.  This is to ensure the selected teams are serious about participating.  We are hoping to more than double this event in the next few years once we have the experience of the initial event under our belts. 


Important Dates: 

Signups open – Wednesday Sept 4th

Team Drawing – Wednesday Sept 18th

Slot fee due – Thursday Sept 26th



  •       Modified Single-Elimination 3-Person 9-Ball Tournament
  •       Check-In: Saturday, November 9th from 10am-10:30am; player’s meeting from 10:30am – 11:00am; Play starts immediately after.
  •       Players must have twenty 9-Ball scores in their record (by the entry deadline) and all 20 scores must have been played within the last 2 years. Players must also be on a current 9-Ball team and play in the same league area. Players may only participate on one team.
  •       Each team must begin their qualifying tournament at a starting combined Skill Level of 15 or less. The team’s combined starting Skill Level for the Mid-Atlantic Challenge is limited to 17. Teams must be at or below 17 when the rosters are submitted on October 15, 2019. Players whose Skill Levels increase during the event will be allowed to continue to participate, as they entered legally; however, they will be required to play at the higher Skill Level. If a player’s skill level goes up by more than one level, or if the team’s combined skill level goes up by more than 2 levels, they will be subject to possible disqualification.
  •       Teams will be required to start the main event at 15 or less if their participating area does not run a qualifier tournament.
  •       Only 1 senior skill level player may be listed on the starting roster.
  •       Three individual 9-Ball matches are played each round. Players race to their skill level (using the Ball Count chart). Each match is worth 1 point and must be played to completion. The first team to win two of the three individual matches advances to the next round.
  •       In the first round the player on the top of the scoresheet plays the first match, the player listed second plays the second match, and the player listed third plays the last match (if needed). If one team wins 2-0, the third player on the roster starts the next round (plays in Match # 1). In other words, the player with the least number of matches plays in Match # 1 of the next round. Players must play in the shooting order as printed on the scoresheet. We will manually highlight (on each scoresheet) the player who will be playing the first match of each round.
  •       Only one time-out, per game/per player regardless of Skill Level
  •       Continuous play rule is in effect
  •       Matches not in the 3rd individual match after 1.5 hours may be asked split,
  •       If a match needs to be split and a time out is needed, the “coach” (who is playing on the other table) may hold up his/her match to coach the shooter on the other table.
  •       If the tournament runs more than 30 minutes behind schedule matches may be assigned to 2 tables from the start of a given round.
  •       100% Payback of entry fees goes to the top 25% - 33% of the field (determined by number of entries).
  •       Minis will be run throughout the weekend