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Friday, September 20, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM CDT

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Marsha Poulsen
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Carmen Bowman is  owner of Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change turning her former role of regulator into educator.  Carmen was a Colorado state surveyor for nine years, a policy analyst with CMS Central Office where she taught the national Basic Surveyor Course and was the first certified activity professional to be a surveyor. Carmen has a Master's degree in Healthcare Systems, a Bachelor's in Social Work and German, is a Certified Eden Associate and Eden Mentor, Certified Validation Worker and Group Practitioner.

Carmen co-developed the Artifacts of Culture Change measurement tool and is the author of several Action Pact workbooks.


You too can join the conversations by asking questions of Carmen and her guests. Carmen's smart look at culture change focuses on a wide variety of topics. She brings an insider's view of regulations, and reports on little changes happening in government, in attitude, in practice. Each month she will share culture change news and updates, amusing and heartwarming stories, and interview a guest on a relevant and timely topic.

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 The Validation® Method - Moving Beyond Therapeutic Lies and Redirection


 Carmen Bowman, Certified Validation® Worker, Certified Validation® Group Practitioner, Certified Validation® Presenter


Learn how the Validation® method, developed by Naomi Feil, gives a means for successfully communicating with persons with dementia - something desperately needed by them, their caregivers and family members.  Validation® replaces the outmoded and person-devaluing methods of redirection, diversion, reality orientation, and the therapeutic lie.  Validation teaches how to “exquisitely listen,” empathize, “move into” the disoriented person’s world and validate feelings.  Using Validation® boosts self-esteem, builds trust and rapport and often eliminates the person’s need to live in the past by creating a warm and welcoming present. Learn about the basic Validation® techniques and the potential they hold to help persons living with dementia, even when there is a history of trauma.

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Carmen's webinars are usually held the second Friday of each month except December, and run about an hour.  

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