Friday, October 18, 2019
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., Pacific Time

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  Terry Berke


 Si2 OpenAccess Live Forum

Webinar for OpenAccess Coalition Members

Join your colleagues for these timely
technical presentations, exclusively for
Si2 OpenAccess Coalition Members


How an AI Startup
Pushed the Limits With oaScript


Tholom Kiely

Senior EDA Engineer
Mythic, Inc.

Optimizing critical resources is imperative for every startup. Learn how Mythic utilized oaScript to maximize its engineering resources while developing an innovative AI inference processor. 

What You'll Learn

  • Programing "tips and tricks" available only with oaScript 
  • Code examples that boosted productivity within days
  • Cost-effective ways to deliver a successful product 
  • Why getting started with oaScript was easy (and getting easier)


Progress Report: oaxPop Connectivity
Extraction Features

James Masters
Engineering Manager

Hear an update on progress and share early results seen on oaxPop connectivity extraction features currently under development. Share a path toward addressing real-world EDA needs when electrical connectivity awareness is required.

 What You'll Learn

  • Background on oaxPop features in production
  • Initiative to enable oaxPop connectivity extraction 
  • Early results on layout data
  • Path to productization


EMH 101: Getting Started 
With OpenAccess Hierarchy Domains

Alex Wong
Senior Software Architect
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

This primer on the OpenAccess Hierarchy Domains (embedded modules and the relevant objects), presents basic information that will make the OA Programmer’s Guide section a more palpable resource.

 What You'll Learn

  • The EMH domains, the objects in them, and their correlation
  • Visualizing concepts using the oaEMH example that is included with OA
  • Advanced topics for exploration


Building an Si2 Special Interest Group for the
AI/ML Design Automation Ecosystem



Dr. Leigh Anne Clevenger
Design Automation Data Scientist
Silicon Integration Initiative

Join us to discuss AI/ML best practices for an Si2 Design Automation Ecosystems Special Interest Group. What characteristics are required to develop production AI/ML solutions, while focusing R&D on differentiating technologies? How can we utilize data produced by sensors, design data, software clicks, and real-time analysis mined for ML? What prototypes and standards can be developed under the Si2 R&D Joint Venture Anti-trust Guidelines?

What You'll Learn

  • Si2 Special Interest Groups: how are they created, who can participate, and how do they advance the industry?
  • Knowledge and skills sharing on AI/ML best practices
  • Needs Investigation: Define top ten ways to capitalize on AI/ML, and propose prototype projects
  • Roadmap: develop proposals to fill standardds and funding gaps


Si2 OpenAccess Partitions:
How Fast Can We Go?


Dr. W. Rhett Davis
NC State University

Data Model 6, the newest release of Si2 OpenAccess, will help the industry
keep pace with cloud migration through multi-threaded and multi-process
parallel applications. Using a sample Intel Xenon processor and test application,
see how to trace a sample design and the resulting changes in speed, with
and without oaPartitions.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is an appropriate example machine
  • How to create and run a test set up
  • Speedup results of 10X with partitions/processes