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Saturday, December 21, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST

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Deer Run Zendo
25 Deer Run
Corte Madera, CA 94925

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           Winter Solstice Qigong

Deep nurturance of physical, energetic and spiritual well-being!

There’s nothing like it when integration is holistic.

Solstice Celebration Qigong Style!

  Saturday December 21 2019 will be a day of celebration as we  move into the period of the Winter Solstice.  Integrating qigong and  meaningful  comtemplative practices like: reflection, intention  setting, dharmic reasoning and true-nature meditation, brings about  regenerative healing  that comes from the deepening practices  of Radiant Heart Qigong/Neigong and Meditation

The Winter Solstice has always been an important day in Taoist and Shamanic traditions as it marks the critical transition between the depth of the YIN cycle (in the Northern hemisphere of our planet), while the YANG energy is at it’s lowest, in terms of the shortest daylight. It is of course the opposite in the Southern hemisphere. The Winter Solstice begins our Winter season, but it is this deep Yin moving toward Yang in both internal energy ‘qi’ and awareness.

For Meditation and Qigong practice this offers us a unique opportunity to set the tone for the growing power of the Yang energy as we maintain and conserve the Yin essence.

The practice is also one of deep and purposeful rest and resetting our intention into a new year – a new cycle of being on our planet.  Harmony and true well-being are the hallmarks of this introspection and pure listening. 

Join us for the enjoyable and restorative practices of Winter Seasonal Qigong and embodied meditation that truly heals.

What are the best practices in the River of Life?
The ones that  bring you immediate well-being and establish a long-term pathway of awakening and the liberation.

Our day includes 24-minute meditation and interval-breath-training and periods of qigong meditation balancing.
  You are always welcome and encouraged to take notes. 

There will be a full review of the day's practices and time for questions.

About the Daylong at Deer Run Zendo In consideration of space, this daylong retreat is limited to 25 participants.  

Register now, as these daylongs tend to fill with a waiting list.Deer Run Zendo has zafus, zabutons, yoga mats and chairs.

Come early (9-9:15am) to connect with your community, for tea and to find you place in the hall.

Please feel free to bring extra tea or fruit or snacks to share with the community.

Bring your own cushion if you wish. You are welcome to take notes and hand-outs of the day's practices may be offered.

Bring your own organic vegetarian lunch, bring something to share, or visit a nearby restaurant or deli. Don't forget a snack and water. 

I'm looking forward to practicing with you.

Teja Fudo Myoo Bell