Participation in this retreat adventure is the chance of a lifetime that few people will ever experience.  It’s a chance to step off the train of life for a few days, to hit the pause button and then decide what you really want to do, what you want out of life, and to help you discover the path forward.  When you know where you’re going, graduating college in four years, and not five or six years, is more easily achievable and this can save $10-$85,000 per year.

We'll show you how to increase your competitive edge by demonstrating your passion.  Colleges want passionate students.  Together we create a safe, kind, and productive environment for all participants as you'll see at the "Registration" tab.

Our caring coaches will engage you in a thoughtful, focused, and gentle way to guide you to:
1. Connect with the passion that lives within you. 
2. Uncover realistic steps to match your passion with a career that fits you.

Our retreats are designed for people who want to be there! We aren’t for everyone, but we may be for you!  We'd welcome your call at 510-244-3884.


Call us for a free consultation to answer   any questions at (510) 244-3884.                                 

Thank you for your interest in attending a Passion Spark Retreat!    

High school and college students, and alumni, may apply.  It is not a sleepover.  Tuition is $595.  Partial scholarships are available.


Retreats take place in different cities on different dates.  If you do not already know your Retreat location, let us know your city, and your age, by email, and we will respond with the Retreat dates for a city closest to you and most fitting for your age.  Please use this email address:     


If this Retreat is for you, we want you to be there.  There are scholarships and payment plans summarized below and described at the blue Registration link to the right and above.

Not ready to register?  Our Registration Application is open for you to review without any obligation to register.  Just click the blue button to the right and above.

Scholarhship Option: The scholarhship application is one page and easy to complete. We want to work out an amount the works for you and also enables us to provide scholarships for others that need them in order to attend.  To request a Scholarship form, first Register by clicking the button at the right and above, then choose "Scholarship" at the bottom of the Registration page.

Promo and Club Codes
Your Club or organization may have a special promo code to use.  You will be able to enter this code once you click the blue registration button to the right and above.  If you have any questions about this, email us at

Group Discount To inquire about a Group Discount, please describe your situation in an email and send to  We will respond within two business days.

Payment Plans
To request a Payment Plan form, first Register at blue button to the right and above, then choose "Payment Plan" near the bottom of the Registration page.

Other Retreat Locations
If you are interested in learning how to bring Passion Spark to your city, club, or organization, please send your email inquiry to


To learn more about Passion Spark, scholarships, discounts, and payment plans, please contact us at (510) 244-3884,, or visit our website at