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Welcome to GEMS Registration!  Before we get started, read through the list of workshops below and write down the names of your Top 3.  You'll be asked to enter these workshops to complete your registration.  Workshops will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis so register quickly!

We are accepting online payments only so have your payment method ready (credit card, PayPal).  Registration is $30 for students and free for up to two parents and guardians. A reduced fee is available for students with financial need.  Email Angela Nocera at if you require reduced fee.

Float Your Boat!  Build a ship and see how much weight it can carry.  (Engineering, Physics)

Plan-In-Hand Design Studio:  Be a designer for a day and draft your own plans!  (Architecture)

Cookie-Anna Jones & Raiders of the Last ChipUse cookies to simulate the process of archaeological excavation.  (Archaeology)  This workshop includes food.

Hands-On AnatomySee, touch, and learn about normal and abnormal human anatomy.  (Biology, Medicine). This workshop includes actual anatomic specimens.

Strike it Rich!  Can You Win in the World of Energy?  Use real-time trading scenarios to see how economics, science, and geo-political factors impact global energy.  (Economics, Political Science, Environmental Science)

Smart Weather StationProgram and design a weather station that can collect real-time data (Intelligent Computing Systems)

Candy CatapultBuild a unique catapult out of candies and see which one launches candy the fartherst (Engineering, Physics) This workshop includes food.

Skeleton StoriesExamine and identify human bones like a forensic anthropologist, then use the evidence to solve a crime! (Anthropology, Forensics)

Let's Get SPORT Psyched Up Learn how physical activities enhance mental skills:  team building, concentration, self-talk, confidence, and communication. (Physiology)

Playful Polymers & Happy HandsExplore chemistry with BASF by creating slime and hand lotion.  (Chemistry)

Dam it UpLearn about hydrology with the Corps of Engineers then construct and test your own dam (Earth Science, Hydrology, Engineering)

Building Beaches by Breaking WavesDesign and build structures to protect a beacn in a wave basin (Earth Science, Engineering)  Be prepared to get wet!

Wizard Wands & PotionsAssemble light-up wands and concoct color-changing potions.  (Engineering, Technology, Chemistry)

In the Eye of the Hurricane:   Examine the weather patterns that influence a hurricane's track, then make a TV weather forecast. (Meteorology, Earth Science)

The Joy of ChemistryExplore chemistry with a variety of activities including demonstratoions of how fireworks, floam, and ice cream are made.  (Chemistry)  This workshops includes food.

Swing Dance FunLearn the science of dance movements, techniques, and choreography. (Physiology, Science of Dance)

There's an App for ThatLearn computer programming and app development. (Computer Programming)

Liar Liar!  Is Your Friend Telling the TruthUse a polygraph machine to collect physical data and determine if your friend is lying.  (Physiology, Psychology)

The Dirty Truth About Sediment PollutionUse turbidity meters to determine how much pollution is in your water. (Earth Science, Environment)

DNA - it's a JewelIsolate DNA for safe-keeping in a necklace. (Biology)

Operation Cyber Breakout:  Use your cyber-sleuthing skills to solve a series of puzzles and cyber challenges before time is up. (Computers, Technology)

Programming with Raspberry Pi:  Assemble LED lights and resistors on a breadboard and use th eRaspberry Pi and Python to control the LEDs (Programming, Technology)