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A Deeper Resolution: A Woman's Ayurvedic Immersion

A Deeper Resolution: A Women's Ayurvedic Immersion
w/ Rachel Morgan

Sundays: December 1st, January 5th,
 February 2nd, and March 1st 
 !2-2 PM
(*ALL women are welcome to join: this includes trans and non-binary women*)

At the beginning of every year, we all yearn to recommit to our health & well being. The pressure we put on ourselves + the methods we utilize to find balance in our beings are often challenging to our experience and our desire to find this new ground in wellness. So often the focus is on negative body image, harmful societal projections, and a general disconnect between our health and our vitality. 

This year, let's do it a bit differently. 

What if we entered the new year looking to nourish, support, discover and heal ourselves: with self care as the goal? 
Let's embrace and integrate the tools of the ancient science of Ayurveda: meaning the science or knowledge of life.
Ayurveda looks to examine our health & well being on all levels. Our being is experienced as a balance of the elements, a balance that shifts based on all the facets of life that we encounter. From our genetics, to our digestion, to our lifestyle, to our yoga practice: to our thoughts and emotions: everything we come into relationship with can either alleviate or aggravate the elemental balance in our beings. Each individual being is completely different in how the elements present themselves; and healing is met on an individual level. 

In this 4 month immersion, we will slowly and softly discover the immensity of our beings; and take our time integrating the wide variety of healing practices that Ayurveda embraces. 

The immersion includes:

A one-on-one consultation to determine our desires & our needs

Individual nutritional, lifestyle, herbal and yoga practice plans
Weekly email prompts to inspire & keep us committed to our self care.

Monthly group meetings to support one another & venture into each new phase together.

A Slack channel for our group to keep us connected + in touch
Our Monthly Group Meeting Dates: Sundays December 1st, January 5th, February 2nd, and March 1st from 12-2pm
Each of these sessions will mark the start of a new chapter to our immersion and will include individual recommendations on the topics we cover + new group suggestions for rituals and practices to integrate what we have discovered. 
Session #1: Understanding Our Dosha 
In our first session we dive into embracing the doshic imbalances that present themselves in us; looking to them as guides to find balance again, as opposed to judgmental experiences of our beings. We will learn the daily rituals we will start with session: Ayurvedic gems of self care that aim to nurture and honor this vehicle we embody. We will also start to shift our orientation to nutrition individually, based on what our bodies are needing to find nourishment and vitality. 
Session #2: Our Yoga Practice
In our second session we begin to explore how our yoga practice can support balancing the elements in our bodies. We will not only learn how to shift our relationship to asana; but we will build a new relationship to pranayama, meditation, and mantra practice based on creating vibrancy and radiance in our beings. 
Session #3: Herbs & Rasas
In our third session we will learn about incorporating herbs into our lives in various ways to build sweetness & stability in our beings. We will also begin to understand the rasas or tastes of our foods and our experiences; discovering a new way to orient to the nature of what we allow into our bodies & minds. 
Session #4: Lifestyle 
In our last session we will discover how Ayurveda offers support for balance in our lifestyle. The way we move through life and structure our day to day has a major effect on our doshic imbalance. Often times we are habitually oriented to doing the things that imbalance us the most! In our last session we will discover how to create more ground and healing in our daily lives; and how to keep this new experience of balance moving forward.