Overall Schedule

FRIDAY, November 22
>  1:30p - Registration Open
>  2:30p - Summit Begins
>  8:30p - Summit Recesses

SATURDAY, November 23
>   8:30a - Summit Resumes
>   4:00p - Summit Ends

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Hilton Garden Inn, Twinsburg More Event Details

Hilton Garden Inn, Twinsburg, Ohio_(330) 405-4488
8971 Wilcox Dr.
(I-480 @SR82)
Twinsburg, OH 44087




If you wish to overnight for the Summit  - YOU must reserve your own hotel room by contacting the Hilton Garden Inn separately using the following information:

  • CONTACT the Hilton Garden Inn, Twinsburg directly @
    (330) 405-4488.

  • Request the special discounted HarvestNet Leadership Summit room rate.



  • Thy Kingdom Come ... on Monday
    Steve Neptune, Pastor
    (An info-graphic presentation of the concept of God's Kingdom in all spheres of life and influence.)

  • Ministry People Doing Marketplace vs. Marketplace People Doing Ministry
    Jim Surace, CEO.
    Re-thinking the understanding of calling for Chrisitans in the workplace.

  • God's Law & Man's Laws: Lex Rex  or Lex Mortuus (Law is King or it is Dead)
    Ellen Foell, Attorney
    Why the Kingdom must come into the courtroom.

  • Between Sanctuary and Street
    Dr. Kevin Dudley, Pastor
    Transformative thinking to influence cultures & Culture via the marketplace.

  • Called to Preach ... in Manufacturing?Court Durkalski, Servant CEO
    How God changed my understanding of calling, purpose & mission.

  •  A Biblical Parable: Transforming Cities
    Tom Hare, Director-Non-Profit Ministry
    A prophetic picture of collaboration for transformation - Ezra & Nehemiah as "priests" & "governors" 

  • God, Mammon & the Financial Sector
    Bruce Jentner, Wealth Management
    How does one walk out a call as an evangelist in the realm of economics?

  • Glory to God in the Work-place!
    Chris Yessayan, Corporate President
    Discovering God's Ephesians 4 callings in a work-place prayer cell!

  • Unconscious Pastoral Malpractice!
    Petar Nenadov, Pastor
    Unpacking afresh what Ephesians 4 equipping of God's people for ministry ought to look like in the 21st century.

  • Education Gone Wild & Making it Sane
    Finn Laursen, Educational Professional
    Modern education & the  "train up a child" strategy: It works for good or evil.

  • Pastoral+Workplace Equipping Strategy
    Michael Hepworth, Business
    Joe Daltorio, Pastor
    How "Governors" and "Priests"  can collaborate for Kingdom advancement.

ADDITIONALLY participants will engage with video teasers, Q+A Panels,  Round-table drill-down discussions, interspersed with times of Worship, prayer ministry and of course, food & fellowship!


Danielle Surace

Thomas Hare 
HarvestNet Director



Understanding your calling to equip your people for THEIR call to ministry.

Re-discovering your vocation as your "spiritual calling" and ministry space.


Why & How
Church & Marketplace Leaders Must
 Collaborate & Mobilize for
Citywide Kingdom Impact


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Thank you for your interest in the annual NEO Leadership Summit. 

Our aim for this year's event is to gather God's leaders called to minister vocationally in both the workplace and the churchplace who recognize the critical nature of the times in which we live, and realize that God is at work in the midst of it.  In fact, we believe God is at work @ work! 

This year's Summit will focus on "Connecting Sunday to Monday." The Big Idea is for church-place and work-place leaders to lean into the John 17 prayer of Jesus to be unified in the work of seeing God's Kingdom come on earth as in heaven.  This unity is not an end-goal, but a divine strategy to bring about the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our spiritual neighborhood of NE Ohio. 

We understand that the citywide (cap-C) Church is a vehicle to do this, and it is imperative therefore to envision, engage and equip Kingdom-minded leaders serving vocationally in both the church-place and the work-place in collaborative ministry in today's post-modern millieu.  

At this year's Leadership Summit, enjoy stimulating presentations, times of Q+A, and table discussion drill downs. In addition, you'll make new connections, build and strengthen friendships with like-minded and Kindom-oriented influencers, and enjoy great fellowship over Friday dinner and Saturday lunch. You can also experience times of personal ministry, and of commissioning prayer.


Desired outcomes from this Summit:

  • For Pastors & Church Leaders - a paradigm shift in understanding what "equipping the saints for the work of ministry" (Eph.4) looks like in the 21st Century.

  • For Ministry Leaders in the Marketplace -  a greater understanding of "calling" for ministering God's love, wisdom and power in the workplace.

  • a fruitful cross-pollination and engagement of ideas and resources

  • renewing and creating fresh relational connections that produces synergy and Kingdom-advancing collaboration
  • meaningful times of collegial prayer as well as commissioning prayers

  • discovering some "what next?" steps and future opportunities to drill down for personal growth and application


PRESENTERS for the 2019 Leadership Summit