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Instructor Contact:

Jordan Hanson 
Hand Drum Rhythms 


Royston Community Hall 
3902 Island Hwy RR 1
Royston, BC V0R 2V0
Driving Directions 

Three female drumming students


FRIDAY, October  25th

Beginner Balafon 4-6 pm $40              

Easy Djembe Rhythms that make you sound good 6-8 pm $40 

Bass Drums Fever 8-9:30 pm $29

SATURDAY, October 26th
Simple Balafon Variations 10 am-12 Noon $40

SPECIAL WORKSHOP Kalimba 12:30-3 pm $75

Djembe, Bass Drums, Balafon 3-5 pm $40

SUNDAY, October 27th
SPECIAL WORKSHOP Cajon 12-2:30 pm $75

Krin (Log Drums) & Bass Drums 3-5 pm $40                       

African Rhythm Ensemble  6-7:30 pm $29

Take your playing to the next level!

Drum camp – a drumming extravaganza… Three days of drumming workshops in the beautiful Comox Valley (Royston Community Hall). Learn from expert World Beat instructor Jordan Hanson from the University of Victoria’s School of  Music.

  • You are welcome to mix & match workshops - take as many or as few as you would like.
  • The workshops are open to all levels of playing experience. 
  • Instruments are  provided for all of the workshops, including djembes, krins, cajon, bass drums and xylophones.


  • All Three Days for just $349
  • Any Two Days for just $249

Register by October 1st at Midnight

Beginner Balafon (Friday 4-6 pm)

Learn the basic of balafon playing. African xylophones are so beautiful and rich in their melodies. If you have some balafon playing experience already, this workshop is also worth attending because we will be doing NEW rhythms.

Easy Djembe Rhythms that make YOU sound good!  (Friday 6-8 pm)

Some of the most effective rhythms are the easiest to play! Learn simple djembe beats that you can play in traditional settings as well as with other situations like drum circles and jam sessions! NEW rhythms!


Bass Drum Fever (Friday 8-9:30 pm)

Learn funky bass beats! The three wooden bass drums each have their own voice and role in the rhythm. Together they combine simple patterns to create a powerful, dynamic sound…This music is fun to play and will ENERGIZE you!! NEW Rhythms!

Simple Balafon Variations (Sat. 10 am-Noon)

By special request – easy patterns that allow you to develop your playing on balafon. No previous experience required, we will start from the basics. NEW rhythm patterns for African Xylophone.


SPECIAL WORKSHOP Kalimba - African Thumb Piano  (Sat. 12:30-3 pm)

Learn to play Kalimba (African thumb piano) These sublimely beautiful instruments are made of wood with metal tines that you pluck with your thumbs. This is a beginner class in Kalimba basics. Instruments are provided.

Djembe, Bass Drums & Balafon (Sat. 3-5 pm)

Put together the different patterns & instruments... It is very rare in North America that you can learn all the patterns for these traditional Africa rhythms and how they fit together. This your chance at Island Drum Camp!!

SPECIAL WORKSHOP Cajon - Box Drum (Sun. 12-2:30pm)

Learn to play cajon (box drum). These powerful, portable drums are fun to play and sound fantastic for many different musical styles! Beginners welcome, drums provided. These workshop will feature NEW rhythms!


Krin (Log Drums) & Bass Drums (Sun. 3-5 pm)

Krin are slit drums made of of hollowed logs, played with sticks. Ranging in size from small to huge, they have a deep, rich sound. These drums are dynamic & fun to play Interlocking rhythmic patterns plus a soloist create rich and beautifully melodic rhythms. Bass Drums fill in the foundation of the rhythm.

African Rhythm Ensemble (Sun. 6-7:30 pm)

Putting all the instruments together sounds great! This workshop gives you the option to play djembe, bass drum, balafon and/or shaker.  Discover how each instrument has its own role in creating the beat. In this workshop, you will put together the parts from the rhythms we have learned, including breaks and intros, and variations.

Island Drum Camp 2019 - Royston, BC

Please note that all registrations are non-refundable after September 16th, 2019