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USA Jump Rope 

2020 U.S. National Jump Rope Championship 

4th Speed Judge Request 

Coaches may submit a written request to the National Tournament Committee for a 4th speed judge for athletes that scored at or above the automatic qualifying score for that event, (refer to the 2020 USA Jump Rope Competition Rule Book).  Written requests must be submitted as part of their team’s registration packet no later than 2 weeks following their regional tournament in order to be considered.

 The scores must be officially recorded during the 2020 regional tournament or 2020 sanctioned speed and power tournament to qualify for Nationals. In the case of wildcard athletes in the 18+ age groups, coaches may request a 4th speed judge if those jumpers met or exceeded the qualifying score for that event during a 2019 USA Jump Rope Tournament (Regional, Age-Division Nationals, or Grand Nationals).  To be eligible for 4th judge in group events, all the jumpers in the group must be the same as when qualifying score was met.

 To be considered for a fourth judge, athlete’s qualifying scores must be at or above the following:

Requests are due at the same time as your team registration for Nationals.