This is an online event. 



Jess Benedetto 
Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP) 

Understanding Collective Impact - Recorded Live Webinar 

Target Audience: Leadership staff, planning staff, program directors

There’s been a lot of talk about collective impact and community level work lately, as we head into a new generation of measuring long-term impacts of our Community Action work. But what does collective impact really mean? What’s the difference between community strategies and collective impact initiatives? Community Action Agencies are already heavily involved in community level work, but what are the steps required to take it to the next level with a collective impact model?

In this recorded live webinar, you’ll hear from three different Community Action Agencies currently participating in collective impact initiatives, each at a different stage and with a different set of goals and responsibilities. We’ll look at the beginning, middle, and sustainability stages of the process --- from an agency that just finished laying the groundwork, to one that has been running strong and tracking its impact for more than a decade.

Presenters: Lev Ben-Ezra, Director of Youth Programs, Community Action of Franklin, Hampshire, and North Quabbin Regions; Tricia Pistone, Deputy Director, Montachusett Opportunity Council; Lilian Romero, Chief Program Officer, Lynn Economic Opportunity