Monday, December 9, 2019 at 9:00 AM CST
Friday, December 13, 2019 at 5:00 PM CST

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Hyatt Regency Dongguan 
Song Shan Lake High-tech Industrial Dev. Zone
Qinyuan Road
Dongguan 523808

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Multi-Vendor Interop Test Event #3 

The 3rd Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test Event will be held December 9-13, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Dongguan in Dongguan, China.

The purpose of this event is to test a seamless user experience across multiple vendors with the use of practical end-to-end user scenarios, service scenarios, and UI/UX with multi-vendor clients and servers.

Please note that company participation and high-level product capabilities will be shared with the BEG TF in the development of the test scenarios.


  • Examine the applicability of the OCF Cloud API with regards to events, account linking and device APIs.
  • Staging and preparing for CES 2020.
  • Use of OCF OTGC.
  • Simple Device to Cloud configuration checks with Security. (Inclusion of Legacy Devices)
    • Strongly Recommend use of PKI for security to check use of test certificates with vendor implementations for D2D.
  • See how far we get with a Proximal OCF Client (i.e. Phone, Tablet, etc.) connected to an external C2C Device
  • Maximum interoperability testing among all participants 

Rules of Participation

  • Participants will be required to submit a signed NDA and a populated Product Capability spreadsheet prior to the event. Please send these requirements to staff@openconnectivity.org with the subject line as "[MVITE3][Registration] Company_Name".
  • All participating devices will be required to be self-tested against the latest official version of the CTT prior to the event in order to establish OCF conformance baseline.
    • Passing CTT testing is only optional as this event is not a certification event.
  • All OCF enabled platforms will be On Boarded using the OCF OTGC.
  • The use of OCF PKI test certificates is recommended. The PKI Test Guide document can be found here.
  • Vendors can bring more than one device per attendee but will need to select one of their devices to execute testing with the highest priority.
    • Testing order will be defined by the test matrix based on a vendor’s product capability and availability.
  • Products that do not provide the necessary information in advance will not be scheduled for testing.
  • OCF 1.3 Specification will sunset on Nov. 5th, 2019 but devices implementing OCF 1.3 specifications are still welcome to attend for backward compatibility testing as well as receive the needed assistance to transition to OCF 2.0 and the IoTivity-Lite implementation.
  • Those who are interested in C2C testing:
    • Please be informed that the reference version of OCF Cloud API for Cloud Services was submitted for IPR.
    • Additionally, to make the C2C testing more effective and examine the applicability of this API, all participants are expected to join the OCF Cloud TG preliminary testing initiative using the free OCF Cloud instance, fully implementing both, the OCF Cloud API for Cloud Services (C2C) and the OCF Device API to Cloud Services (D2C). For more information please contact Cloud TG Chair (ondrej.tomcik@kistler.com).
    • Please contact Welbol Feng (Welbol.feng@ul.com) and Summer Xiao (Summer.xiao@ul.com)
      for any needed Chinese internet access requirements.