New England Livery Association 
PO Box 842
Durham, NH 03824


Rick Szilagyi 
New England Livery Association 

NELA Operator Membership Application 

Thank you for your interest in joining the New England Livery Association! We look forward to reviewing your application.

Please take the following details into consideration before submitting your application for NELA operator membership:

1) Please select either a quarterly or annual billing plan. You will be prompted to make your first payment by PayPal account or credit card when you submit your application. Please click the "Apply Now" button below for pricing details.


In order to minimize the association's A/R expense, we utilize Recurring Payment Authorization Forms (RPAFs) for membership dues. This means that applying for NELA operator membership is a two-step process: 1) online application submission and 2) RPAF form submission.

Your application will be reviewed after you submit an RPAF via fax or mail. Alternatively, you may choose to call the NELA office and fill out a form via phone.

NELA Mailing Address: New England Livery Association, PO Box 842, Durham, NH 03824

NELA Fax Number: 603-868-7859

NELA Phone Number: 866-736-6352

Please click the red button at the end of this page to download an RPAF.

3) All new NELA member applications are reviewed at the Board of Directors monthly meetings. For a schedule of Board meetings, please visit the NELA Calendar.

Questions? Call the NELA office at 866-736-6352 or email info@nelivery.org.