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Peacemaker National Training Center 
1624 Brannons Ford Rd
Glengary, WV 25420

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Peacemaker National Training Center 
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- NEW Digital Training Simulator! Practice rifle, defensive handgun scenarios, shotgun & competitions on PNTC's advanced digital training system - PNTC Members get reduced rates! PNTC Training members train free! Details regarding simulator time will be avaiable soon. 

- New Training Classrooms! PNTC has two new huge training classrooms! 

- New Training Classes - Tactical Carbine, Long Range, Tactical 2Gun, Defensive Handgun, Competition Training & More PNTC Members get reduced rates! PNTC Training members train free!

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Special membership offer for existing members & new member candidates through Jan 1st 2020 AT MIDNIGHT! 

* Renew your membership for one year now & SAVE $50 

* Bring your immediate family or friends on as members for ONLY $150  each during this special period & they bypass the waitlist during this special, one time period

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* Independence Range Public Access Fees Will Increase to $40 Per Day in 2020

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PNTC's 2020 Training Calendar Is Now Avaialble At This Link. CLICK HERE



Membership Details Below



2019 has been another great year at Peacemaker and we want to thank you for helping to make PNTC a great place to shoot, train and enjoy your precious 2nd Amendment rights!

As we enter the holiday season, we'll continue to offer our members increasing priority in range access, matches, discounts and more. This year members can bring their immediate family or friends on as members. Non-members have the opportunity to join the waitlist at a discount during this special period ONLY. This offer is only good through january 1st 2020, at midnight.

WAITLIST DISCOUNT & Veteran Waitlist Discount  If you would like to become a NEW PNTC MEMBER and are not able to join as a freind or immediate family of an existing member, you have a one time opportunity to join the waitlist and receive a $25 discount off of your overall membership cost if you join the list during this one time period.  If your a veteran or active duty Military, Active Duty Law Enforcement or First Responder SAVE $50 off of your overall membership cost if you join the list during this one time period. CLICK THIS LINK TO JOIN THE WAITLIST

EXISTING MEMBER RENEWAL Discount  If you choose to renew your own membership for one year during this special offer, you will receive a $50 discount.  Your membership will be credited with one full additional year added onto the end of your current expiration date, so you don't lose any time off your membership by renewing. 

Family and Friends Discount: If you are a current member in good standing, you can add your spouse and/or children (10yrs - 21yrs) AND/OR up to FOUR family/friends as members for ONLY $150 each during this Holiday Season Membership period ONLY.  AFTER THIS TIME, YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS MUST JOIN THE WAITLIST IF THEY WISH TO BECOME MEMBERS.

Note: It does not matter when your renewal date is if you bring in a new member. For example, if you renewed or joined on Oct 31, 2019 for the normal rate of $200, under this offer you would pay $150 for your next year's renewal now, thus making your membership current until Nov.1, 2021. NOTE:  To take advantage of this offer online, the existing member will need to pay for their renewal and their friend's membership. If you need to pay separately, you will need to come into PNTC HQ to pay. 

Here are some great links that discuss the benefits of membership

Complex Overview:

Membership Benefits Video:

Note: All memberships are subject to official PNTC review. PNTC reserves the right to decline memberships and refund new members if they do not meet PNTC and or NRA standards. WV Tax Applies.