Thursday, March 12, 2020 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CDT
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St.Paul Police-Richard Rowan Training Facility 
600 Lafayette Rd North
St. Paul, MN 55130

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Sergeant Liam Duggan 
St Paul Police Department's Professional Development Institute 

Investigating Suicides, the Equivocal, SIDS and Infant Death Scenes 

The St. Paul Police Professional Development Institute is proud to sponsor, "Suicides, Equivocal Death, SIDS and Infant Death Scene Investigations."


This course is unique to our other one-day program in that the focus is divided into two topics throughout the day. The morning session will focus on suicides and the equivocal death investigation and the afternoon session will focus on the infant death scene and SIDS death. The course objectives are to illustrate through case review the key indicators at equivocal scenes which aid in defining the manner of death in cases where it is open to interpretation. Victimology will be the focus in equivocal death of adults as well as scene conditions and cause of death that are commonly associated with suicide as opposed to accidental death and homicide. The most commonly staged crime scenes are those where the suspects attempt to make the scene appear to be a suicide or an accidental scenario. Recognition of wound and injury patterns are also covered in detail to also include and equivocal diagnosis cutting chart used in equivocal cases where a sharp force weapon was the mechanism of death.

The afternoon session will focus on the infant death scene and the indicators and conditions focused on in cases of abuse and neglect. Many challenges are confronted by both patrol officers and investigators at the scenes of infant deaths. Many innocent looking scenes result in being ruled homicides, while equivocal death as well applies to almost every infant death scene. It has long been a well-known fact in medical science that neonates and infants do not die absent reason or cause. Therefore, the death of any child should be regarded as sudden and unexpected and the protocol and responsibilities that apply to adult death scenes are applied to those of infants. Any member of law-enforcement who plays any role at the crime scene or investigation of a suicide scene, equivocal death or infant death should consider attending this one-day course. Coroners and medical examiner investigators also greatly benefit from the case reviews presented during training.


Instructed By: The instructor for this course is Inv. David Newman (Ret.) from the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia. Investigator Newman is a 23-year veteran of the Norfolk P.D. formerly assigned to the forensic / homicide unit. His experience in Norfolk includes over 15 years in the bureau serving in homicide & forensics and involvement in over 500 death investigations and high-profile homicides. While serving in forensics he has handled over 2300 cases including an additional 65 homicides.  Investigator Newman received his bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University in 1986 in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. He has lectured over 3000 hours to law enforcement agencies across the country on the topic of homicide investigation and its related forensic applications. His courses have been taught in conjunction with the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Investigator Newman also instructs basic and advanced forensics at Thomas Nelson College in Virginia, equivocal death scenes at the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science and is a qualified expert in death investigation and its related forensic fields. He has provided hundreds of hours of expert testimony in criminal court proceedings and is a nationally recognized speaker and authority on this subject.


COST:  $125.00 per person

MN POST credits: 7

ALL registration and billing is handled by the instructor. 

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