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Behave Your Best!

Hosted by Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA, Founder/Owner




Pre-Recorded Online Parenting Classes

We’ve recorded some of our most popular online parenting classes so you can access them at your convenience. 

$15 includes the power point and Audio recording of the webinar:

  • “My Child Constantly Pushes My Boundaries!” Does this sound familiar?: Parent: "Do you want to brush your teeth or go potty first?" Child: "Neither!" When you offer two options does your child say, “Both”, “Neither”, or suggest a 3rd option? Establish boundaries with choices! We will discuss the importance of using choices to establish boundaries over your child's behavior while giving him/her as a sense of control. 
  • “My Child Is Always Asking For Something!” Capture Natural Teaching Moments With Your Child’s Requests!  Did you know requesting is one of the first language skills children develop? Even before spoken words, children are asking for things by reaching, pointing and grabbing. We discuss how to capitalize on these frequent moments of natural motivation to teach your child more appropriate behavior like listening the first time and ending preferred activities.
  • “My Child Tackles Children to Take Toys Away From Them!” Teach your child to ask (not take) toys from peers or siblings. One of the first skills we teach when we begin a partnership with a new preschool is to ask a peer for a toy. Taking often leads to aggression. So, we teach asking to prevent taking to prevent aggression. 
  • “My Child Delays, Dawdles, One-More-Minutes, And Then Still Screams When It’s Time To End Something!” Don't cover up this missing skill! Teach your child the crucial skill of pausing or ending preferred activities! Did you know there are 3 self-control skills/behaviors involved in a successful transition? Learn what those 3 behaviors are and how to teach your child.
  • “I’ve Tried Everything! Typical Parenting Doesn’t Work With My Child!” Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and your child is still not displaying the correct behaviors? Parenting books and other advice-givers likely didn't do a thorough assessment of WHY YOUR CHILD has learned to use his/her unwanted behavior. Learn why WHEN you teach determines the success of your teaching!
  • "My Child's Whining is Like Nails On a Chalkboard" Do you find yourself saying, "Use your words!" multiple times per day, each day? We will share how to effectively teach your child to use his/her words instead of unwanted behavior.
  • "Everything Feels Like A Battle With My Child!" Tired of your child's constant arguing or negotiating? Do you give in to avoid epic tantrums or aggression? It is likely that you need to pick the battle, but in different ways at another time. The battle is indication of a missing a skill. Learn how to teach the skills.
  • "I Expect My Child To Obey And Show Respect!” Expectation is not a teaching strategy! You can expect your child to learn to swim, but if you don't provide the instruction and frequent opportunity to practice, s/he will not learn to swim. The same goes with behavior. Your child needs to be taught new skills and then given ample opportunities to practice the correct behavior.

$15 includes the power point and Video recording of the webinar:

  • My Child Avoids (Almost) Everything! Does your child tend to avoid or control things? It’s import to address this behavior early on, before it becomes ingrained and truly problematic
  • We Don't Teach ABC's In The Middle Of A Tantrum! Teachers don’t attempt to teach academic concepts when a child is in the middle of an upset! Yet, we consistently find parents and teachers attempting to teach "a behavioral lesson" when the child is showing unwanted behavior. A child’s brain isn’t wired to learn at that moment!
  • Proactive Strategies to Manage Big Life Changes Big transitions in life can be difficult for little ones and often create regressions or new behavior concerns. Learn proactive steps to support your child and minimize unwanted behaviors.
  • Managing Your Child’s Negotiation Tactics Do you live with a master negotiator? Learn strategies to reign in this behavior.
  • We’re Doing Something Fun! Why is My Child Crying? Seeing tears at unexpected moments? Let’s get to the bottom of the behavior and find and some solutions!
  • Morning, After-School/Work, and Bedtime Routines (Oh my!): Is Your Routine Working? Proactively creating routines that actually work for YOUR family will give your mornings, evenings and bedtime more structure and success. 
  • Listening or Independence? You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! You want your child to develop healthy independence, but you also need them to listen to your instructions. Learn the difference between fostering independence and teaching needed listening skills.
  • Who Needs Stickers and Treats? Your Attention is the Most Natural and Powerful Motivator
    Learn how to use the most powerful (and free!) motivator available to keep your child on track.