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Grafted Veggie & Edible Pre-Order 2020

Welcome to our grafted veggie and edible pre-order. Pre-plan your 2020 bounty with cutting edge edibles. Pre-order now to secure the exact plants you desire without missing out.

If you're planning on growing these grafted veggies in 2020, please pre-order. Most varieties sell out in advance or shortly after arriving at the nursery.


Mighty Veggies - Mighty Matos 'Delicious' and 'Virginia Sweets' and Mighty Veggie Japanese eggplant 'Ping Tung'.

Cream of the Crop Tomatoes - A new line of grafted tomatoes with great flavour and production.

Ornamental and Edible Sweet Potatoes - These (non-grafted) varieties have been bred for beautiful foliage and delicious sweet potatoes perfect for baking or sweet potato fries. Few people realize that the annual potato vine, usually with gold, burgundy or purple black foliage used in containers and hanging baskets, is actually an ornamental sweet potato, Ipomoea. Now breeders have brought together ornamental foliage and delicious tubering genetics with great production of delicious sweet potatoes. Your edible containers and garden will be more beautiful and productive than ever! Choose from 3 varieties.


Ketchup 'n Fries Regular $29.99. Pre-Order $28.99. 
Other Grafted Veggies Regular $19.99. Pre-Order $18.99.

Save $1 when you buy a 3-Pack of all three varieties of sweet potato!

Note the plants you want then click on the Register Now button to place your order. We will email you when they are available for pick-up estimated at May 8th, 2020.

The Revolutionary, New "TomTato" 'Ketchup 'n' Fries' is a hand-grafted plant that fuses tomatoes and potatoes, two close relatives, that together give us one of life's great pleasures: 'Ketchup 'n' Fries'. It produces the sweetest cherry tomatoes you've ever tasted by the hundreds followed by few pounds of rich, buttery potatoes. Grow in a BIG pot with lots of fertilizer.

Mighty Mato, Mighty Melons, and Mighty Veggies are desirable heirloom and cool modern varieties hand-grafted onto super strong rootstock that confers greater disease resistance, greater cold tolerance, and greater vigour resulting in up to 2-3 times more tomatoes per plant than ungrafted plants!

Mighty Mato ‘42 Days’ -- One of the earliest ripening tomatoes with large quantities of ripe, delicious, 1 oz, salad type tomatoes. Perfect for cool summer climates and part shade to part sun gardens without hot sun. 42 days. Determinate.

Mighty Mato ‘Beefsteak’ -- Bright red, slightly ribbed, 4–5 oz heirloom tomatoes with delicious, sweet, meaty flesh. An excellent slicer, but also wonderful for cooking, salads or canning. 85-95 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Big Beef’ -- Red, globe-shaped, 1 lb fruits with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Abundant, firm, crack-resistant tomatoes produced over a long period. 70-75 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Brandywine’ (Sudduth’s) -- This famous heirloom produces 1–2 lb, scarlet-pink beefsteaks with high acid and sugar content. Considered one of the world’s best-tasting tomatoes. 80-90 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Bumble Bee Purple’ -- Striped, crack-resistant cherry tomato in vivid violet and dark green stripes look and taste great! Round, 1½” fruits. 65-75 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Carbon’ -- An award-winning purple-red tomato with more intense real umami flavour and smokiness than other varieties. Heat tolerant. Grow in a really hot spot. Heirloom. 90 days. Indeterminate.

NEW! Mighty Mato ‘Delicious’ -- A beefsteak tomato with large, meaty, solid, delicious fruit. Held the Guinness Book world record for largest tomato for 28 years weighing in at 7.85 pounds! On average you'll get 1-2 lb fruits. Crack resistant. Grow in a really hot spot. Heirloom. 75 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Early Girl’ -- Bright red, 4–6 oz. round slicers. Early, dependable, and flavorful fruits in almost any climate. 50-60 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Get Stuffed!’ -- Hollow fruits shaped like bell peppers perfect for stuffing. Showy, 5-7 oz red fruits with golden-orange stripes and classic tomato taste. A good yielder and highly disease resistant. 75 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Mortgage Lifter’ (Estler’s)-- Dark pink, 1–2 lb fruits are meaty with good, old-time flavour and productivity. Heirloom. 85-95 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Orange Brandywine’ -- A pure-orange beefsteak with excellent flavour that perfectly balances high sugar and high acid. Meaty, juicy 1 lb fruits. 80-90 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘San Marzano' (Redorta) -- Famous Italian heirloom roma yields bright red, tapered fruits. Meaty and flavorful. Ideal for canning or sauce. 80-90 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Saucy Lady’ -- A very firm, midseason tomato with dark crimson fruit. Great for sauces and pastes. Also known as 'Crimsonvee'. Indeterminate. 72 days.

Mighty Mato ‘Sun Sugar’ -- 'Sun Sugar' is the most popular tomato variety amongst our customers with countless orange-yellow cherry tomatoes said to be amongst the sweetest in the world. 65-75 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Sweet Aperitif’ -- Don't miss this one! 'Sweet Aperitif' produces hundreds of the sweetest cherry tomatoes you have ever tasted in your life. 80 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Mato ‘Sweet Million’ -- Sweet, bright red cherry tomatoes produced in large clusters. Crack and disease resistant. 65-75 days. Indeterminate.

NEW! Mighty Mato ‘Virginia Sweets’ -- A spectacular and delicious yellow beefsteak coloured with red stripes inside and out. Fruit has great texture and flavour and are about 1 pound each. Grow in a hot spot. 80 days. Indeterminate.

NEW! Cream of the Crop ‘Prairie Fire’ -- It looks like a roma but it's a super sweet pointed plum type tomato 3 inches long and 1 inch wide with subtle orange striping and rich, deep red fruit. 60-70 days. Determinate.

NEW! Cream of the Crop ‘Sparky XSL’ -- A new grafted line. 'Sparky' produces huge crops of flavourful red cherry tomatoes with orange-red stripes. Extended shelf life after picking. 60-70 days. Indeterminate.

Mighty Melons 'Ambrosia' Cantaloupe -- A reliable garden favourite. Round, hybrid melons are 4-5 lbs with pale orange flesh and a small seed cavity. Very sweet, floral flavour is both juicy and tender. Disease resistant. 80-90 days.

Mighty Melons 'Swan Lake' Honeydew -- Rare, beautiful, small, heirloom honeydew-type melons are 2-3 lbs with smooth, creamy yellow skin. Flesh is white to pale salmon-pink with sweet, crisp flavour. 80-90 days.

Mighty Melons 'Sugar Baby' Watermelon -- Small, 8 to 10 inch, round, dicebox¯ heirloom watermelons are 6 to 10 lbs with a nearly black rind when ripe. A standard picnic staple since it was introduced in 1959. Crisp, juicy, deep red-orange flesh, small black seeds, and incredibly sweet, rich flavour. Mildew resistant. 80-90 days.

Mighty Veggies 'Coolcumber' (Khassib) Cucumber -- High yielding plant produces crisp, sweet, medium-green, spineless mini cucumbers that are 3 to 4 inch long. Plants are vigorous, heat tolerant and disease resistant. 70-80 days.

Mighty Veggies 'Gigabite' Cucumber -- Japanese burpless hybrid cucumber plants are vigorous and easy to grow, producing an abundance of crisp, 8 inch long and 1 inch wide with fine white spines and glossy, deep green skin. Heat tolerant and very disease resistant. 40-50 days.

NEW! Mighty Veggies 'Lime Crisp' Cucumber -- The most exciting new cucumber variety in decades! Crisp, crunchy, and refreshing with a unique, lime green skin and light green flesh! Very productive, disease resistant plants produce smooth, mellow tasting cucumbers right up until frost. Lime Crisp can be harvested when small, but still retains its crisp texture when the fruit get quite long. 60 days.

Mighty Veggies 'Epic' (Dusky) Eggplant -- Purple-black oval fruits can be picked at 3-5 inch or harvested when mature at 8-10 inch long. Perfect for roasting or grilling. 70-80 days.

NEW! Mighty Veggies ‘Ping Tung’ Eggplant -- Sweet and tender with no bitterness. Fruits up to 12 inches long. 70-80 days. 

Mighty Veggies 'Anaheim' Pepper -- Tapered, 6 to 8 inch long peppers turn from green to red with delicious, mildly hot flavour. Excellent for roasting or frying. 65-75 days.

Mighty Veggies 'Golden Bell' Pepper -- Perfect 3 inch bell peppers ripen from green to light yellow to deep golden yellow. Sweet, blocky, thick-walled fruits are excellent for salads or stuffing. 65-75 days.

Mighty Veggies 'Jalapeno' Pepper -- Dark green, 3 inch conical peppers with hot, zesty flavour are thick-walled and easy to seed. One of the best for salsa, nachos, or chiles. Eat fresh or pickle. 70-80 days.

Mighty Veggies 'Orange Bell' Pepper -- Sweet, colourful and easy-to-grow, 'Orange Bell' is also a great source of antioxidants. Peppers can be picked green at 50 days or allowed to ripen to a sweet, deep-orange in 78 days.

Mighty Veggies 'Red Bell' (King Arthur) Pepper -- Early ripening and large size. Big, blocky 4.5 inch bells have thick, meaty walls with sweet flavour and crunchiness, whether harvested green or red. Harvest in 60 days green; 75 days red.

NEW! Sweet Potato 'Kaukura' -- Gorgeous, tasty orange flesh and light orange skin with spectacular maple-shaped deep purple foliage.

NEW! Sweet Potato 'Makatea' -- Gorgeous, tasty white flesh with light skin and spectacular heart-shaped, gold foliage.

NEW! Sweet Potato 'Tahiti' -- Gorgeous, tasty purple flesh and skin and beautifully textured, deeply lobed, dark green foliage on purple stems.

Pre-Order Your Fertilizers - Our tomato survey suggested that many gardeners are not fertilizing enough to ensure success. Pre-order now to guarantee great production. Four options available.

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Local Customers: You will be emailed in advance with the exact date for pick-up estimated at May 8th, 2020. Pre-orders are held for 4 weeks then returned to general inventory. A credit is given but no refunds.

Canadian Mail Order Customers: We don't get much call to ship grafted veggies but if you are interested you can place an order and then email us to set up your shipping information.