January 14 - February 6, 2020

Tues & Thurs 6:30-8am
8 classes


Yoga Kula
1700 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA


Scott Blossom
Shunyata Yoga


Foundational Track:
Shadow Yoga Basics & Balakrama Prelude Series

With Scott Blossom

Shadow Yoga, founded by Shandor Remete, is a Hatha Yoga system that utilizes rhythmic breathing, bandhas (energetic locks) and the system of marma (vital junctions) to free the peripheral body of its energetic obstructions and to ignite our inner fire for healing and meditation. Shadow Yoga consists of circular and spiraling movements, warrior stances, and sun salutation forms that prepare students to safely and effectively practice the more advanced limbs of hatha yoga.

Balakrama is a dynamic bone strengthening form which actively engages one's center (navel region), hands, feet, and breath. This form removes marma (energetic obstructions) from the legs and pelvis to free the downward flow of prana, detoxify the blood, and strengthen the lungs.

No prerequisites for this course. All Shadow Yoga courses require pre-registration. Consistent attendance is required.


We offer this course on a sliding-scale model of $15 - $35 per class. We encourage everyone to give according to their means.

Sliding-scale payment for Shadow Yoga Basics & Balakrama:
$120 - $280