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Gail Bower is the founder and president of Bower & Co. Consulting LLC, a revenue strategy firm that helps nonprofits and associations become self-sufficient by developing reliable sources of earned and non-dues revenue. Gail has been working with organizations of all sizes and scope for over 25 years. Her clients have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled earned revenue sources in under a year. And that’s just the first year.  

Trained as a futurist, Gail studies where society is headed and what trends may impact her clients’ businesses. Author of How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times and a frequent speaker, Gail has been interviewed about her work by the New York Timesthe Wall St. Journal, MarketplaceTime magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and other media. To learn more, visit

For over twenty years, Karen Eber Davis has turned leaders, like you, into nonprofit revenue heroes. She specializes in common sense approaches to organizing nonprofits to maximize mission, community growth, and revenue. People hire Karen to increase their income by up to 300 percent—the strategies they gain improve their organizations forever.  

Karen Eber Davis works with leaders who lead from vision, not fear. To bolster nonprofit leaders, she wrote 7 Nonprofit Income Streams and Let’s Raise Nonprofit Millions Together.  You can access a treasure trove of nonprofit resources here.  


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Taking Successful Nonprofits to the Next Level


You're ready to breakthrough your million dollar glass ceiling. Register now for More Money 2020. Join nonprofit revenue experts Gail Bower and Karen Eber Davis, plus an intimate group of your executive director peers, so you can get unstuck and gain clarity in 2020.

Here’s how it works.


We’ll meet by video conference once every three weeks. 45 minutes of learning followed by an hour with your peers in discussions focused on your specific opportunities and challenges.

Topics and dates:

Session 1, January 16,  Your Low-hanging Revenue Fruit. We’ll translate your organization’s business model into decisions and practical steps towards dramatically expanding your revenue.

Session 2, February 6, Conquering the Urge to Hold On When You Need to Let Go. It’s far better to gain significant traction on a couple of priorities than become overwhelmed by hundreds of tasks. We’ll help you decide where to focus and what to toss.

Session 3, February 27, Accountability Across the Board. Efficient organizations are the ones that win in the long run, over and over again. They are profitable, high performing, and maximize impact. We’ll identify the best systems, structure, mindset, and approach to growing your revenue in 2020.


You’ll be guided by two of the leading nonprofit experts in North America, Gail Bower, and Karen Eber Davis. You’ll benefit from their years’ of experience working with hundreds of nonprofits.

Plus you’ll receive tools, resources, checklists, and even Karen’s new book, Let’s Raise Millions Together.


Scaling your next million-dollar mark can be a slog up the mountain. Or a fun, supportive experience with new friends to share the joys, overcome the hurdles, and cheer you on.

You’ll meet executive directors and CEOs just like you through our 3 sessions. Participation is limited so we can focus on you.

Register Now

More Money 2020: What’s In It For You?

  • Blow up what’s holding you back.
  • Meet new colleagues across the country and learn from their experiences.
  • Feel supported and less isolated at the top of your organization.
  • New ideas, techniques, and approaches to overcome common stumbling blocks.
  • Get better at taking risks, implementing new solutions, and measuring results.
  • Get your top questions answered.
  • Establish accountability to make progress and build momentum.
  • Make dramatic progress on your 2020 revenue growth.

Participation is very limited for this brand new program, so register now.

Includes learning, group coaching, access to your peers and to Gail Bower and Karen Eber Davis for 8 weeks. In between sessions, we’ll use Slack, an online collaboration hub, so that you can reach out to your colleagues and Gail and Karen. Post your progress. Ask questions. Get feedback. Share successes. For more, watch this video.

Fee:         $1,500 when you sign up by December 16, 2019.

                 $1,800 beginning December 17, 2019, if still available.

BONUS: The first 5 people to register will receive a free 1:1 coaching call anytime during the first  6 months of 2020 with Karen Eber Davis or Gail Bower.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would a typical session look like?

During each of the three sessions, Karen and Gail will share strategies, techniques, and ideas during the first 45-60 minutes, along with Q&A. In the second hour, we’ll work as a group to focus on your opportunities and challenges. Everyone will leave with questions answered, clarity on the topic for the day, and most importantly a game plan.

Can other people on my team join me?

No. This program is exclusively for executive directors and CEOs. It’s your time to learn, think, and build your knowledge and skills as a nonprofit leader.

What sort of time commitment does More Money 2020 require?

We meet three times for two hours before March 1. You’ll have homework in between sessions and access to Karen and Gail, along with your peers via Slack to ask questions, share your experiences, and gain support. We ask that you commit yourself to the program so you see results; however, we promise that the program will not take over your life.

It’s a little pricy. How can I decide if it makes sense?

Want to know a dirty little secret? Nonprofit executive directors invest in their staff members’

professional development but tend to be a little stingy with their own. If this sounds like you, all the more reason why you need to give yourself this experience.

There are no hotel or travel expenses. No university overhead costs. And only nominal time is required.

And consider this: the total value of the program is $4050, but your cost is only $1800.

How do I know this works?

You’ll be learning from the experiences of thousands of nonprofit organizations. Besides learning from your peers in the program, you also have access to the experiences of two nonprofit revenue experts who have worked with, advised, mentored, coached, and trained thousands of other nonprofit leaders.

I want to talk honestly; what about privacy during the program?

Each participant, including Karen Eber Davis and Gail Bower, makes a pledge of confidentiality. We record the learning portion of the program but not the group discussion. Then after the group coaching, we’ll follow up with tips, questions, assignments, and other growth challenges based on the aggregate. We’re very serious about creating a place where you can feel safe discussing whatever is on your mind. That’s how you’re going to get the most out of this program.

My organization is unique. Will the content be relevant?

You’re right. Every organization has its own idiosyncrasies. Karen and Gail have found that certain patterns exist when it comes to strategy, business model development, revenue generation, productivity, operations, and other key areas of the business.

Because of these patterns, the content will be applicable to a broad range of organizations; the group coaching drops down into the personal. And you are free to ask questions during and in between the sessions so you get just what you need.