Tuesday, February 4, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM PST
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February 2020 TIPS Meeting 

Title: Elastomer Sealing Performance in Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Speaker: Rick Ziebell, Technical Fellow and V.P. of Technology for R.D. Abbott

Synopsis: Mr. Ziebell, an instructor for the TLARGI Basic Rubber Technology Course, will discuss recent breakthrough technologies in hydrogen gas (H2) fuel cell design. As an example, the Toyota Miria FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) is the showcase of this new technology. It uses low temperature polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs). Fick’s law shows that pressure drives permeant transfer through the membrane creating a higher concentration gradient which then drives more H2 to oxidize, thus creating more power that can be generated (watts of electricity produced by the cell). What is true for the membranes that create the power is also true for the H2 supply system overall. Permeation loss through the hoses and seals is a loss of flammable and expensive H2 fuel. This leads to safety concerns and lowers the efficiency of electrical power generation.

In consideration of H2 sealing regarding automotive refueling, storage, supply, and the PEM onboard systems, a study of response surface effects in CANCARB’s Thermax® (N990) filler ratio to total filler loading in ARLANXEO’s X_BUTYL® brominated-butyl polymer cured by method of resin and also sulfur, will give comparative evaluation of performance. Elastomer formulation optimization will highlight H2 permeation resistance. Testing in accordance to ASTM D1434 guidelines for steady state permeation analysis will evaluate H2 permeant rates at conditions for an 8hrs duration measurement after equilibrium is made at 90°C and at 7 atmospheres pressure.Save the date for the February TIPS Meeting. You are welcome to register at this time, but more details will be announced in January.
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