Thursday, January 16,  9:30 AM CST


 Thursday, March 26, 11:30 AM  CST

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St. Christopher's Episcopal Church
3200 North 12th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32503

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Dr. Storne Shively



Carol Lynn  Lewis

(814) 441-5289

    - Contemplative Journey, Part 2 -

Essential Elements of Centering Prayer

Deepening the Centering Prayer Practice 

Thursdays, January 16 - March 26, 2020

9:30 - 11:30 am

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

3200 North 12th Avenue

Pensacola, FL

The class welcomes all who are interested in deepening their Centering Prayer practice as part of their spiritual journey.

 Contemplative Journey, Part 1 is not a prerequisite.  

   In the Contemplative Journey, Part 2 program we explore the theology, psychology and spirituality of Centering Prayer and Christian contemplation through the wisdom and writings of Fr. Thomas Keating, a central figure in the initiation of the Centering Prayer movement.  Our journey together includes DVDs created by Contemplative Outreach, Ltd with updated material by Fr. Keating and contemplative master teachers:  Gail-Fitzpatrick Hoppler, Fr. Carl Arico and David Frenette. 

Program Highlights include: 11 weekly sessions, Centering Prayer periods, Facilitated Discussions, Readings & Reflections, Soul Friending Sessions

The cost of the workshop is a $20 nonrefundable registration fee and your personal purchase of these study books: 

Open Mind Open Heart (20th Anniversary Edition) Thomas Keating 

Intimacy with God  Thomas Keating  

Invitation to Love (20th Anniversary Edition)  Thomas Keating (Kindle available) 

Too Deep for Words  Thelma Hall.

(Total for new paperback editions approximately $55 on Amazon. Used editions may be available.) 

ADDITIONALLY, A Transformed Life Guidebook, available at - $9.95

The class size is limited and registration is open until capacity is reached. A wait list may be formed. 

Class Facilitator: Dr. Storne Shively serves as Leadership Development Coordinator for Contemplative Outreach of Pensacola. She has been a member of COPNS since its founding and has previously co-facilitated the Contemplative Journey I and Contemplative Journey II programs. Storne is a member of Christ Episcopal Church and Christ Church's Thursday evening centering prayer group. 

If you have any questions, please call or email : Dr. Storne Shively