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Sister Rose Ann Barmann, OSB
Benet Hill Monastery 

Do you know the extent of the Human Trafficking problem in El Paso County?

        Experts say that human trafficking is expected to overtake illegal drug  activity as the top illicit crime worldwide. There are nearly 21 million victims annually in what is a $32 biliion industy. The internet and social media are fueling the rapid growth.


Benet Hill Monastery invites you to our Fifth Annual Human Trafficking Prevention Series. These educational four sessions address the cultural and systemic brokenness that feeds and fuels Human Trafficking locally, nationally and globally.

While All sessions are FREE....Please register online for planning purposes. 

PLACE:  Pikes Peak Library 21 C Venue Room   (Please PARK in the east parking lot) DATES:  Monday Evenings:  February 3,10,17    TIME: 6:30 - 8:15 pm

                            This event is not endorsed or affiliated with the Pikes Peak Library District

Knowledge is Power: These sessions on human trafficking offers powerful information,education and tools for prevention of this crime in our families and communities.
For more information or questions contact Sister Rose Ann Barmann, OSB : sroseann@benethillmonastery.org

Session 2 Monday, February 3: "Connecting the Dots: Cultural & Systemic Ills that Fuel  Human Trafficking" -Wendy Smith,Acute Care Nurse Practioner- Medical Awareness Team Leader- Pornography and sex trafficking are co-dependent health crises that are on the rise. Victims of trafficking interact with the healthcare system many times during their abuses. Healthcare professionals are well positioned to be first responders. Efforts to combat sex trafficking must include addressing our systemic ills: 1) raising awareness regarding the role pornography plays along with poverty and homelessness, 2) training health care professionals to recognize and intervene on behalf of sex trafficked victims, and 3) mandated reporting of abortions below the age of consent with immediate referral to child protectective services.

Session 3 Monday, February 10: "Addressing the DEMAND:MAN to MAN"- Geramy Keeton  This short film titled "Addressing the Demand: Man to Man", will be shown. The film's discussion guide focuses on men. While topics addressed are mature, we welcome minors accompanied by fathers and/or grandfathers and teens age 15 or older to be included in this discussion of a healthy vision of manhood and maculinity.

Session 4 Monday, February 17: "Introducing: BAKHITA MOUNTAIN HOME: A Residential      Community for Adult Women Recovered from Human Trafficking"- Founding Group       Bakhita Mountain Home is a community where love heals,restores and empowers women impacted by human trafficking. Women experience healing through three components: Safe Haven, Trauma-Informed Therapy and Life Enhancing Skills.