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In-Class Module Dates

Master Class 1: February 5-9, 2020

Master Class 2: May 6-10, 2020

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Olmstead Rd PermaFarm in the Red Barn event space. (Located near Portland, Oregon USA, just off I-5 near I-205)
19742 Olmstead Rd NE
Aurora, OR 97002

Driving Directions

The 2020 Art of Constellation Facilitation Master Class Intensives 1 & 2

Observe master trainer, Jane Peterson, PhD, coach this year's training participants using video feedback and her custom training tools. Increase your level facilitation or training. Get a private peak behind the curtain!

Master Class Intensive 1: SEEING & READING PATTERN

Discover the difference between "not knowing" and being lost!

  • Learning to read pattern in the constellation guides you to the cleanest route through the constellation.
  • Learning to read clients gives you great timing & important cues as to what will really work for your client.
  • Learning to read pattern means you will never be lost!

In Master Class Intensive 1, you will:
  • Quickly recognize the dynamics in the system from the patterns in the client's placement of representatives on the floor (or objects on the table)
  • Identify the most effective openings for change in the current pattern
  • Use the client's non-verbal cues as your "pivot foot" to improve your timing & accuracy of response.
  • Recognize & use pivotal “hot spots” & “turning points” to move the constellation forward
  • Craft limbic sentences attuned to the situation & client that open the door to change
  • Foster ownership for change in clients
  • Receive expert video-based coaching to boost your skill and confidence
Master Class Intensive 2: Dancing with Groups 

Groups can intensify our constellation facilitation work in either positive or less-than-positive ways.

  • Learn how to create safety quickly in  your groups so that the group can go deep without traumatising participants.
  • Learn to dance with trauma in the group and function as the master regulator so that group members can remain present.
  • Learn to manage the complexity of both the constellation and client and the group and individuals in the group.

In Master Class Intensive 2: DANCING WITH GROUPS, you will:

  • Master the "double triangle" model to know when (and how) to lead and when to follow
  • Quickly form a group and become its master regulator
  • Build safety and trust in your groups
  • More easily manage difficult participants
  • Use humor and lightness to go deep and keep your group resourced
  • Receive expert video-based coaching to boost your skill and confidence


Telephone: Don - (001) 503-678-2338
Program Schedule

In-class session dates for Master Class Intensives are:

  • Intensive 1: Mastering the Art of Reading Pattern: February 5 - 9, 2020 
  • Intensive 2: Mastering the Art of Dancing with Groups: May 6 - 10, 2020

Each Master Class Intensive includes:

  • 4 instructor-led high value training sessions on topics pivotal to excellent facilitation
  • 4 instructor-led video feedback sessions (current training program participants will faciltitate) enable you to slow down and play back reality, so you can learn to recognize important cues and patterns when you facilitate.
  • Opportunity to represent and be a client
  • 3 monthly coaching conference sessions of 2 hours each following each Master Class
  • Thinkific classroom with optional learning activities to support integration of material presented in the instructor-led session
  • Free participation in Sunday public workshop facilitated by master facilitator, Jane Peterson, PhD
  • Free 3 month RelationChips™ web app subscription
  • Participants in both sessions have access to our lending library of videos and books in the second session.

$795 per module or $1590 for both modules if paid by Jan. 20th (save $90 or $180).  
Payment plans available.

Both modules will take place south of the Portland area on our new 5 acre permaculture farmstead in the Red Barn event space.

Program Trainer     
Jane Peterson, PhD, is the founder and executive director of the Human Systems Institute, Inc. She is a renowned trainer of systemic constellation work in Asia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the U.S. She has been on a number of international faculties, including the annual Systemic Constellation Intensive in Bernried, Germany.  Dr. Peterson is a contributing writer, and a former editor and member of the Advisory Board for The Knowing Field Magazine. She is an infosyon Certified Master Trainer. Jane has over two decades of experience in facilitating and training Systemic Constellation Work and is the developer of Somatic Imaging. In addition to being a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Certified Professional Behavioral Coach, she holds a doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University. 

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  What others are saying

Check out our Youtube Channel for testimonials and more.

Jane is a rigorous and delightful trainer. She challenges, encourages, provokes and supports. She possesses very refined skills as a therapist and researcher and she makes them explicit in the training in a way that I’ve not experienced before. In other words, what she teaches comes right out of her own experience of learning and inquiring into the constellation work. She has forged a path of understanding, and now invites us to join her in the exploration.
In short, I highly recommend this program for anyone who has a passion for learning, a willingness to explore inwardly, and who wants to gain a deep understanding of systemic constellations. For those who want to become facilitators of the constellation work, I can’t imagine a more thorough grounding and skill building process. Jane’s coaching and guidance is invaluable.
--M.M., Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator. Constellation Facilitator Training Program

As a professor of education, I have keenly observed and learned from Jane Peterson's skill as a teacher. Her presentations are carefully geared to suit all of our learning styles. She encourages us to read in areas that we are particularly interested in. She pays close attention to each of our strengths and areas that need developing and structures her assignments on an individual basis to address these needs. When speaking to a group, she attends most carefully to the group's state. And, as an excellent trainer of trainers, she points out to us what she is doing, so that we can learn to do the same thing.
--L.R., PhD, Educator. Constellation Facilitator Training Program

Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge so that people can find their own way to feel confident in this work. Thank you also for your willingness to explore new possibilities, to add to the growing body of work that allows each one of us to express our human journey from a place of inner knowing and love.
--J. Fewster, Psychotherapist. (Gabriola, Supervision)

The Human Systems Institute, Inc.
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