Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST
Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 5:00 PM PST

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Hidden Lake Sound Studio 
24004 Se Crane Rd
Eagle Creek, OR 97022-0598

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Lauri Shainsky 
SoulNote Shamanic Sound 

Metaphysics of Manifestation: Sound, Energy Fields, Matter and Light 

In this weekend support group-meets-collaborative healing forum, we embark on an adventure of exploring the structures of our life circumstances, beliefs and world views. We visualize and sense in a deep way the foundational matrices of matter and energy that are formed and fixed and holding our life circumstances in place. We then use creative imagination and visualization, divine insight, intention and sound to dissolve parts or all of the ineffectual configurations of our life situations, and create new powerful, nourishing, fulfilling matrices of energy and matter. 

This adventure is a deep inquiry into the questions of “how are key aspects of my life structured, energetically, and fed by my emotions, personal history and thoughts? What beliefs do I have that are keeping these configurations fixed or stuck? Are these beliefs real or obsolete or incorrect, malleable and if so, how can I shift and adopt new ones? What divine and embodied sources of support are present in my life that I can call on? What talents, gifts, power and wisdom do I have that I can build on and use to channel into new structures, configurations, ways of seeing and being in the world that will propel me towards my goals, mission, life’s purpose, dreams?

Our goal is that what emerges through our time together and on into the future, are enlivened, novel, supportive configurations of energy and matter that are aligned with our dreams, visions, yearnings, desires for ourselves and Earth. We share these and support their development and evolution, clearing away obstacles and empowering the catapulting of them into the arc of our next phase of personal and/or professional life. We become greater masters of manifestation, attuning to and utilizing the metaphysics that are foundational to creation. We set blessings into motion for dissolution of old, and creation of new ways of being, seeing, feeling, knowing. Sound healing, shamanism, and constellation work form the triad of transformational modalities utilized in this weekend of evolution and growth. 


 February 29 March 1 10 am- 5 pm $195