Sunday, March 22, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT
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This is an online event.



Lauri Shainsky
SoulNote Shamanic Sound

Imbuing with Sound: Adding Power to Objects for Ceremony, Healing, & EveryDay Upliftment: Via Zoom

We call on the power and intelligence of Spirit-guided sound and enhance our abilities to use sound to imbue physical objects for more potent enspirited form and function.

Imbuing is the process of connecting with divine energies and the wisdom they carry in the spiritual realms of Non-ordinary Reality, and conveying these into physical matter. Sound is a most potent current upon which spiritual energies ride, when directed with intention and encoded with the power of our voices and our hearts.

Staffs & wands have traditionally been utilized for story telling and channeling information and power from divine sources into our 3-D reality. We use objects such as figurines, stones, crystals, jewelry, statuettes, pictures, and other items as anchors and beacons for Spirit on our altars, in our gardens, around our houses, on our work desks, etc. We use objects to delineate ceremonial space, as carriers of ceremonial and healing medicine.

This workshop focuses on the process of imbuing objects with divine light, love, wisdom and power to amplify their use and effectiveness in healing and ceremony. 


You will want to think about ahead of time what you would like to imbue. Perhaps this will prompt you to make a wand, a staff, or some other "power tool" that is wanting to be created for use in healing, ceremony, or everyday life. This object should be completed before the class begins.

Now that is has shifted to a Zoom course, you will have unique opportunities to imbue anything in your home or place of work (wherever you decide to participate via the web). We will be mindfully exploring and experiencing how to connect at etheric planes together in a virtual community, as well as how to tap into the "Techno-beings"--spirits in our electronic medium of connection.