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Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church 



Bob Woods 
Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church 

Financial Commitment Response Form

As you complete this Financial Commitment Response Form, please understand our heart in this matter. 

1. We have two Funds at Grace EPC: The General Operating Fund and the Building Fund. We believe that our first obligation in giving is to the General Operating Fund. It is this fund that covers all of our ministry expenses from administration to missions. We desire that you give your tithe to this fund. The Building Fund has been established to enable us to build, as much as possible, with contributions that are over and above our regular tithes. Giving to the Building Fund, while very important, is to be giving that is over and above your tithe.

2. We understand that the amount you indicate is not a guarantee that you will give this particular amount, but that it represents what you trust at this point in time God will enable you to give.

3. We know that some think it not appropriate for churches to ask for such an indication of giving, thus if you do not wish to complete this form, please feel no obligation to do so.