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2020 Region 14 Tournament Competitor Registration 

Can I compete out of Region 14 to Wildcard to Nationals? 

a. Jumpers who graduated high school at least 6 months prior to the National Tournament are permitted to register as wildcard entries for the Age Division National Championship through a separate region, Region 14.

b. There will be unlimited wildcard entries in this region. Region 14 teams must be comprised of all high school graduates. Team entries that do not meet this age requirement must register through their home region's qualifying tournament as a regular or wildcard entry.

c. USAJR age and gender divisions apply to all events registered through Region 14 at Nationals.

d. Cross-regional rules will NOT apply when registering to compete through Region 14 in team events. (i.e., a DD team could consist of jumpers from 3 or 4 different teams or regions, but then they cannot compete under name of one the jumper's home team, they would pick a different team name, such as "State College Jumpers"). However, the cross-regional rules will apply to any team events in their home region, in order for them to count towards overall team points at Nationals. (i.e. if college jumpers want to compete as their home team "Capital City Jumpers”, the cross-regional rules would apply).

e. Individual events count toward overall team points at Nationals if they are competed under their home team name, even if it is through Region 14.

f. Substitution rules apply for all regions, including Region 14. All eligible substitutions for Region 14 events must have graduated high school at least 6 months prior to the National Tournament.

g. The wildcard registration fee is $50 per athlete and all forms and fees must be submitted to USAJR by the regional registration deadline. The regional registration deadline for Region 14 will be the same as the deadline scheduled for the last regular regional tournament. All entry forms and fees for Nationals will also be due no later than the date that is set for the last regular regional tournament.

h. If an athlete registers for Region 14 and only jumps out of Region 14 and/or in their home Region, they will only pay one entry fee. If the athlete wants to compete or wildcard out of a regional tournament that is not region 14 or the athlete’s home Region, the athlete will have to pay a second entry fee. If the athlete competes in any region other than Region 14, the entry fee will go to that Region.

Competitor registrations are due by Friday, May 1, 2020.

Coaches will need to submit the 2020 Regional Tournament Event Registration spreadsheet to to sign up team members for events and submit judges and volunteers.  

For more information about this competition, please visit or email 

Feel free to call the USA Jump Rope office at 936-295-3332 or email for questions about registration.

Competitors continuing on to Nationals will need to complete their registration for the U.S. National Jump Rope Championship by May 15, 2020. 

Cancellation Policy: A refund of registration fees will be given only if a competitor is injured and cannot compete. USA Jump Rope requires a signed doctor's note verifying the injury. Competitors cancelling the competition without a medical excuse will not recieve a refund. A $5 fee will be assessed on all refunds and you must allow sixty (60) days from the time of cancellation to receive your refund.