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Promote your invaluable services and products in our full color 2020 SHIFT NY Holistic and Psychic Fair Program. 

  • Give detailed descriptions of what services you provide and what you sell.
  • Highlight your work using attention grabbing images and graphics.
  • Attendees at the SHIFT NY Holistic and Psychic Fair receive the Program to use as a reference.
  • After the SHIFT NY Holistic and Psychic Fair, the Program becomes a go-to reference source for many.

 CLICK HERE To Reserve Your Space & Pay For Your Display Ad in the 16th Annual 2020 SHIFT NY Holistic & Psychic Fair printed Program. 

Once you have reserved your space, email your artwork as a high resolution .pdf or .jpg file attachment. 



Cassandra Miller

2020 SHIFT NY Holistic and Psychic Fair Marketing and PR


If the size of your artwork does not match the specifications, we will resize it to fit, unless you specify otherwise.

Submit an article for consideration to be published!

We are interested in publishing articles in this SHIFT Fair Program that are relevant to the subject of Holistic & Psychic modalities, and which would provide valuable insights to our audience. There is no fee to submit an article for consideration.

If you would like to submit a short article for consideration, please do so at your earliest opportunity. We will select a few articles and print them.

We reserve the right to edit for clarity and space.

NOTE: Not all articles submitted will be printed.