FEBRUARY BREAK: Using Angles and Perspective to Enhance Your Images $230 full - email to go on waiting list: bigpicturearthouse@gmail.com

TUESDAY-THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18,19,20 from 10AM-2:00PM. Students are picked up and dropped off at the end of the day at The Soldier's Memorial Monument, 1 South Street in JP. Class is for 11-15 year olds, Nikon DSLR cameras supplied.  Bring lunch or lunch money.  Shooting field trips are "on the go" in Boston.  Lessons and editing are done at the Teaching Space in Dorchester.

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• Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday February 18-20 from 10am-2:00pm.  For 11-15 year olds

• Pick up and drop off at the soldier's memorial (the "Monument") at 1 South Street, in Jamaica Plain.  The location is at the intersection of Centre and South Streets.  Look for silver van with Big Picture magnets, parked across from the chruch.

• Day 1:  Lessons in framing and perspective and we will learn how to use the Nikon D100 digital SLR cameras at Big Picture Teaching Space in Dorchester.  Our photo field trip is to Boston Public Market/North End.  Lunch options will be the stalls from Boston Public Market.

• Day 2:  Lesson in using lines, shapes and patterns and lighting to our share our photo subjects. Our trip is to Harvard Square with lunch at Shake Shack. At Harvard Square we will visit Christ Church, founded in 1759 and designed by colonial era architect Peter Harrison.  It's wooden frame rests on a granite foundation built from ballast stones from ships arriving at Boston Harbor. We will stay warm by popping into the church and shops like Newbury Comics.  Bring lunch or lunch money. Rain location, MFA.

 • Day 3:  Start with brief shooting trip to the Franklin Park Zoo, editing in Lightroom at the Teaching Space, and pizza party lunch from Marios (bring $7 cash for pizza).  BRING USB flash drive to collect your photos (or buy one at check out for $10).

DRESS WARMLY!  We will be outside for some of the time.  Also, please note lunch options and make sure they work for you.  If you don't like the options, you can bring your own lunch.  Want prints of your student's work?  Order them at check out.  Contact me with any concerns.





SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION OPEN!  Spots are going fast.  10 Coupons for $20 off up for grabs for BPS students only using the CODE BOSTONPUBLIC at check out.  Contact us with questions.  


Big picture club house

APRIL BREAK: STREET PHOTO, $230  Get more info or Sign up

• Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday April 21-23 from 10am-2:00pm.  For 11-15 year olds.

• Pick up and drop off at the soldier's monument, 1 South Street Jamaica Plain.  The location is at the intersection of Centre and South Streets and is across from the Loring Greenough House.  Look for the silver Big Picture van parked by the chruch.

• Day 1:  Lessons in composition, decisive moment, storytelling with photos and working with subjects on the street.  We will review documentary photos and how to use our Nikon D100 digital SLR cameras at Big Picture Teaching Space in Dorchester.  Photo field trip to Castle Island.  Lunch at Sullivans. Bring lunch or lunch money.

• Day 2:  Photo challenge: waiting for the decisive moment. Photo field trip to Downtown Crossing and Boston Common. Luch at the Corner Mall downtown crossing (stalls with different food options). Bring lunch or lunch money.

 • Day 3:  Photo challenge: split up from the group and shoot portraits of people on the street. Start with shooting trip to Chinatown. Brief photo trip will be followed by editing in Lightroom at the Teaching Space, and lunch is pizza from Marios (bring $7 cash).  BRING USB flash drive to collect your photos (or buy one at check out for $10).

ABOUT YOUR TEACHER:  Jennifer Connelly started Big Picture in 2011 to fill the gap in after school programming for middle school aged children.  Since then, the program has taken off with most classes offered in the summer.  We now offer movie making and overnight classes.  Jenny has four kids and has worked as a professional photographer for 20 years with jenniferconnellyphoto.com.  She also owns and runs her school portrait business, Photo Charm, and may have even taken your child's school photo!

ABOUT BIG PICTURE:  Big Picture Art House offers photography and film classes for kids and teens in the Boston Area. Classes are run by founder, Jennifer Connelly, and take place during school vacation weeks, occasional weekends and we have a full schedule of film and photography summer workshops. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 7 students, and are suitable for youth in grades 5-12.  The typical age group is 6-9th graders with the most common student age of 13. 

Photography workshops provide each student with their own professional digital SLR camera.  Film workshops are collaborative efforts, where the students together write, shoot, act and edit their own short film.

Jennifer Connelly • 781-696-1138 • bigpicturearthouse@gmail.com  

 www.bigpicturearthouse.com   Big Picture on Facebook

 Events: www.jenniferconnellyphoto.com , School Portraiture: www.photocharm.org