Biogeometry Foundation Training Course - Singapore


Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 10:00 AM SGT
Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 5:00 PM SGT

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Village Hotel Bugis                                       Address: 390 Victoria Street,Singapore 188061             (5 min walk from Bugis MRT Station)

Course Fees

Early Bird Rate: SG$ 2974 by bank transfer/paynow UEN53212178C  (ends on 22 April 2020)

Standard Fee: SG$ 3253 by bank transfer/paynow UEN53212178C

Pay SG$800 deposit to secure a place. Balance of fees will be collected by 22 April and or on sign up after 23 April 2020.)

*Course fee includes learning material and tools

For payment of deposit and full fee, kindly make an ATM/ bank transfer to:

Name of Account : Self-care Resources

OCBC Business Account: 557-88925-0001

Bank: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited

Bank Address : OCBC Centre Floor 9, 65 Chulia Street, Singapore 049513


Institution code : OCBC

Country Code:SG

Kindly email the verification of your transfer (transfer slip or screen capture) to to complete your registration and securing your place in the class. 

Cancellation Policy: 

  1. Prior to 1 April will subject to an admin charge of $50
  2. Between 1 April to 22 June, 50% refund of registration fee
  3. 23 June  onward, no refund will be issued.

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We take pleasure to announce the next BioGeometry Foundation Training in Singapore with Ms Doreya Karim!

Referred to as Nature's own design language, BioGeometry uses the unique energy quality found at the center of all energetic systems to achieve harmony on all levels of human and environmental energy quality. Founded by Egyptian architect and scientist, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, BioGeometry's breakthrough research identified the specific energy codes that are found naturally in power spots on the earth. The natural function of this energy effect is to provide balance, or “centering,” to the different energy-qualities or effects within any living system. BioGeometry takes us beyond our quantitative worldview, reviving the qualitative worldview of the Ancients.

Learn Biogeometry design principles and use simple tools to harmonize your environment from the harmful effects of gridlines, EMRs etc. Discover techniques on how Biosignatures can help balance the subtle energies of body organs for wellness.

Outline of Biogeometry Foundation Training  Course: 

The 3 level BioGeometry Foundation Training includes the first 3 levels of the BioGeometryPersonal Development Curriculum and is a pre-requisite for the BioGeometry Advanced Training and Home Practitioner Licensing Track. 

Specific Goals of the training:

1. Detect, create, and amplify beneficial energies. 

2. Detect and harmonize harmful energies, including those from electromagnetic fields, chemicals, geopathic stress, and food and drink. 

3. Unlock and understand nature’s own design language at the archetypal level of the universe.

4. Practically apply the Ancient worldview of a qualitative universe in a modern science to solve problems faced in our daily life.

5. Learn the universal laws of energy that can be applied to any field from medicine, to agriculture, to design. 

6. Tune into your own personal wavelength to be able to measure the resonant effects of any object or energy system on yourself. 

7. Measure and balance the energy pathways of the body’s organs using BioSignatures.


Meet the founder Dr Ibrahim Karim and interviews on Biogeometry projects

                                                     Hemberg Swiss Project on Reuters

                                          The revelation of ancient science and wisdom

                                  More about his research work and projects click here

About the instructor - Doreya Karim

Doreya Karim, manages the BioGeometry company in Canada, where she heads animal farming and agriculture contracts and is a part of the BioGeometry research team focusing on the applications of BioGeometry in electro-smog, music, and design, as well as research and development of BioGeometry products which aim to reduce all forms of environmental stress on biological systems. Doreya has been working directly under Dr. Karim for more than 7 years. In 2003, Doreya was awarded a certificate of merit from the Swiss government for her participation in the Electrosmog balancing solution in Hemberg and Hirschberg. Doreya is a Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), with degrees in both Psychology and Graphic Design.