Saturday, July 4, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM CDT
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Downtown Green Bay 



On Broadway, Inc. 
On Broadway, Inc. 

Fire over the Fox - Fourth of July 

Festival Foods’ Fire over the Fox is a daylong celebration for everyone. The event features many stages of entertainment, patriotic ceremonies, veteran salutes, food and beverage, children’s activities and culminates with the area’s largest and most brilliant fireworks display set to music at dusk!

The purpose of this special event is to provide family-oriented entertainment and activities to celebrate the July 4th holiday for residents and visitors in the Greater Green Bay community. The 2020 celebration will be held on Saturday, July 4. In the event of rain, the fireworks will be rescheduled for July 5 - vendors will not set up if date is moved due to weather. Events are subject to change. A complete schedule will be sent to vendors as soon as it is finalized. Concessions must be set up and ready for full operation by 3:30pm on July 4.

Application Procedure: On Broadway, Inc. invites businesses and non-profit organizations  from the Greater Green Bay community to submit applications for concession stands and other vending operations for this event in downtown Green Bay. On Broadway reserves the right to approve or deny any requests. All applications must be submitted no later than April 17, 2020. Applicants will be notified by email if their request has been approved by April 24, 2020 . The application fee will be refunded in full only if it is necessary for the committee to deny an application.

City of Green Bay Ordinance # 39-35 states that, “it shall be unlawful for any person, without permission of the organization sponsoring the event, to sell or offer for sale any goods, merchandise, foodstuffs, tickets, or any other articles of any kind on public premises reserved for special events.” The following area is reserved for On Broadway, Inc. and Festival Foods Fire over the Fox:

North Boundary: Velp Avenue (west) and the East River (east)

East Boundary: Monroe Avenue

South Boundary: Crooks Street (east) and Bridge Street (west)

West Boundary: Broadway Street (west)

Any person who desires to vend any items on public property in this area during the event needs to fully comply with this policy and submit an application to be given a vendor space. 

Fees: In consideration for being permitted to operate a concession stand or to engage in other vending for this event in downtown Green Bay, the vendor agrees to pay an application fee and contribute a percentage of gross sales (before taxes) to On Broadway, Inc. as follows:

                                                                   Application Space Fee               % Gross Sales

Food Vendor                                                       $250                                              20%

Non- Food Vendor                                               $150                                              20%


Health Department Licenses and Requirements: It is the responsibility of all food vendors to comply with appropriate Brown County Health Department regulations. Contact 920-448-6400 with questions. 

Food and Beverage Sales:  The committee approves all food and beverage items, please list your complete menu in the application. Alcohol is not to be sold by any vendors, only the event organizer.  Any vendor needing a water hookup must inform the committee on the enclosed application form.

Setup: Vendors must be set up and ready for full operation by 3:30pm on July 4th. Vendor set up will begin at 11am. Stakes for tents will not be allowed on paved areas. City employees will mark utilities on grass areas where tents are to be erected. For those vendors who use stakes for tents in grassy areas, watch for the dashed blue lines painted on the grass. Those lines indicate underground water lines that must, of course, be avoided. If you have any questions, contact event staff before you pound the stakes! You are responsible for setting up and dismantling all displays and equipment and not to sublet or assign provisions of this contract without written consent.

Ice: Ice will be sold on the grounds. Ice will be delivered in the afternoon starting at about 2:30pm and then a second delivery will be made starting at about 5 or 6pm.

Trash: You are responsible for cleaning the tables and grounds under and immediately surrounding your tent/booth continuously during the entire event. The City will deliver trash barrels and bags to all locations on public property. Extra liners will be available from trash management. Please assist in keeping the area clean; when you see that the cans are full, please remove the full bag and replace with a new liner. The City’s Public Works supervisor will also have extra bags if you run out.

Power:  Vendors are encouraged to provide your own whisper-quiet generators or use charcoal or gas appliances. The electrician will visit each location to assist with power connections if you choose to utilize our power subcontractor. Each vendor must provide approved cords or make arrangements with power subcontractor for these cords at your sole expense. Fees for power to be determined based on your needs, if applicable. Estimated costs are $30/20-amp circuit, and $100/50-amp circuit.

Display: All vendors are required to clearly display the name of the organization or business, items being sold, and prices. These items must be displayed on a professionally produced and printed display. No hand-written signs or hand-written information is allowed at any time. If you need assistance with this call us – we can help.

Reconciliation Form: A reconciliation form and a check for the appropriate amount written to On Broadway, Inc. must be postmarked by July 13, 2020 or you are subject to a 10% late fee. In addition, failure to completely comply with this policy will disqualify a vendor from consideration in future years.

Insurance: To the fullest extent permitted by law, the vendor hereby agrees to defend, pay on behalf of, indemnify, and hold harmless On Broadway Inc., the City of Green Bay, its elected and appointed officials, officers, employees or authorized representatives and volunteers and others working on behalf of the event committee, On Broadway, Inc. or the City of Green Bay against any and all suits, actions, legal or administrative proceeding, claims demands, damages, liabilities, interest, attorney’s fees, costs, and expense of whatsoever kind or nature whether or arising before, during or after completion of work hereunder and in any manner directly or indirectly caused, occasioned, or contributed to in whole or in part or claimed to be caused occasioned, or contributed to in whole or in part, by reason of any act, omission, fault, or negligence, whether active or passive, of the vendor or of anyone acting under its direction or control or on its behalf in connection with or incident to the performance of this Agreement regardless if liability without fault is sought to be imposed of On Broadway, Inc. or the City of Green Bay. The vendor’s aforesaid indemnity and hold harmless agreement shall not be applicable to any liability caused by the sole fault, sole negligence, or willful misconduct of On Broadway, Inc., Celebrate Americafest Inc., the City of Green Bay, or its elected and appointed officials, officers, employees or authorized representatives or volunteers. The Fire over the Fox committee must receive your certificate of insurance no later than May 1, 2020. Applicants who fail to provide the necessary certificates of insurance will not be allowed to vend. Please submit the certificates of insurance for your business to On Broadway, Inc. 

Concessionaire’s Liability for Negligence

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Automobile Liability Insurance

Additional Insured: The vendor shall name both On Broadway, Inc. and The City of Green Bay, including all elected and appointed officials, all employees and volunteers, all boards, commissions and/or authorities and their board members, employees, and volunteers as Additional Insured on the policies noted above for the duration of the permit.

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