Friday, July 31, 2020 at 12:00 PM CDT
Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 5:00 PM CDT

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Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
563 west 600 north
Hobart, IN 46342

Driving Directions 


 Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 


 Produced by Payroll Productions 

October 24th 1962, United States Ordered To DEFCON 2 & 3

January 15th 1991, United States Forces In Persian Gulf Ordered To DEFCON 2

October 6th 1973 United States Forces In Israel Ordered To DEFCON 3

August 18th 1976, United States Forces In South Korea Ordered To DEFCON 3

September 11th 2001, United States Ordered To DEFCON 2

August 2018, Present Day, United States Ordered For The First Time In U.S. History To DEFCON 1


As conflicts rise between the United States, Russia, & North Korea, the world has been silently hard at work preparing themselves for a nuclear war to begin.  After strict sanctions by the United Nations, in order to survive as a world power, Russia has secretly began mass producing and selling their nuclear program abroad in exchange for said counties aligning with their cause.  North Korea has remained silent during these times and it is unknown where they stand during this time. 

 Countries that have never dreamt of possessing such catastrophic weapons now hold the power in their hand to literally destroy the world as we know it.  These once no name countries have now aligned with Russia and the World, against the United States to prove their power. 

 While the United States shuffles all of its armed forces into DEFCON 2 preparedness it has became obvious that the operations are already too late.  Axis forces have gained entry onto U.S. soil through the unprotected Great Lakes and are beginning to seize the first nuclear reactor that the United States has in its possession.  Air strikes and gun fire can be heard in the far off distance of Hobart, Indiana as the world forces draw closer to disabling the United States Nuclear Program. 


Schedule of Events


  • noon – Camping opens
  • 5:00pm – Walk-on registration and check-in open
  • 8:00pm – All services close
  • 8 -10pm - Player Party 
  • Midnight – Quiet time – Camping areas need to be quiet. No loud partying.
  • 2:00am – No alcoholic beverages allowed by anyone (whether playing or not) until end of game on Sunday afternoon!


  • 8:00am – All services open
  • 10:30am – Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation
  • 11:30 – 7pm - Game on 


  • 8:00am – All services open
  • 9:00am – Game briefing
  • 9:30 - Game on (switch bases)
  • 12:30pm – Stand down and prep for Final Battle!
  • 1:15pm – Final Battle
  • 2:00pm – Game Over


Field speed/Firing modes:

 280fps(All Markers and vehicles)   

160fps(Law rockets)     

 12.5bps max – no ramping

Full auto allowed (under 12.5bps) however NO full auto in buildings 

Field paint ONLY! 

First strike rounds permitted - field paint only    

First strike regulations

  • If your gun is capable of shooting First Strike – you MUST Chrono with them.  270fps
  • 40ft Minimum engagement distance. Players are encouraged to carry a sidearm and or have roundball capability.
  • No First strike rounds allowed inside buildings (40ft med) You can shoot out of the building from inside however no CQB shots allowed. 


Side Choices

ALLIES - Commanded by Charles Kimmery from Sanctus Vindex


INSURGENTS - Commanded by Paul Tanner from The Outdoorsmen





Event paint only!  Any players found to be using outside paint will be removed from the event without refund no questions asked!  First Strike Rounds purchased at the event are allowed.

Drones will be utilized during this event.  DO NOT AIM, SHOOT, PRETEND TO SHOOT, or otherwise attempt to interfere or damage a drone.  You will be responsible for replacing the expensive item you destroyed and removed from the event without a refund.  SEE DRONE RULES If you are a Drone Pilot.

Excessive foul language, cheating, blatantly breaking of rules, or anything in between will result in player card ref punches up to and including expulsion of the game with no refund.  Major infractions will have you removed from the game immediately.  If any of the above arises from a team player we will remove your whole team from the field and you can answer to them as well. 

Player Id Badges
It is your responsibility to keep track of your player badge, without this you will not gain entry into the playing field, event staff will not be held responsible for lost or misplaced badges.  Keep it on you at all times along with your player wrist band that denotes your side color.

You will find various props on the field of play.  Return them to your commander.  All game props must remain on the field.   The only reason a prop should be off field is if it is being turned into event producer for points or it’s the end of game play for that segment.  If props are found off field for any other reason they will be taken and not be cycled back into the game.  Props must remain OUTSIDE of the commander bunker and may not be buried destroyed or altered in any way.  Players can carry props on their person, but if they are eliminated they MUST drop all props at the location they are eliminated

Commanders will receive missions at the top of the hour, every hour of game play.  Contact your commander to get involved in running missions.  Every mission card MUST be at its location before a mission can start.  Event staff will mark all missions cards with start time, end time, and their ref number for mission verification.  After missions are completed it is the players responsibility return all completed to their command staff/base.  Completed missions cards will be gathered through out the event and turned into event promoter for scoring.  You have exactly one hour from the time a mission is given to start the mission.  Failure to do so will result in said mission being marked failed. 

It is vital to your sides success to complete missions at all costs!!

There will be puzzles located throughout the field of play.  If you encounter a puzzle you may attempt to solve it.  The puzzle can not be removed from the location until you believe you have successfully solved it.  After a puzzle is solved it is that sides responsibility to take puzzle to event promoter to verify if it is correct.


Insertions will occur from your base every 15 minutes with a 5 minute window.  If you miss an insertion window you must wait for the next window to open.  The first 15 minutes of game play on both days, players that have not entered the game may enter the game instantly, there after normal insertion rules apply with the exception of final battle.  All players must be clean of all old hits before re-entering game play.  In the result of base over runs a side will be given two insertions to attempt to re-take the field.  If unsuccessful opposing side will be asked to move players back, if refused event staff reserve the right to move players back at our own discretion.

Bases will swap on Sunday

When entering the field to return to your base for insertion, players are expected to avoid walking through fire fights or enemy lines as much as possible.


If a paintball breaks on your person or any equipment you are carrying you are eliminated.  Unless utilizing a medic, raise your hand, call yourself out, and exit the field/area as quickly as possible.  ALWAYS barrel sock your marker when dead, failure to do so may result in being targeted again as a live player. 

Arm Band Tape
Player arm band tape not required for regular players.  The only way to tell a players side is by their wrist band which must be worn at all time and will denote what color said player is on.   It is up to your commander to decide if they want you to wear arm band tape or not. 

Medics/Medic Calls
Medics may not heal neck or head shots they are instant kills.  A player calling for a medic MUST yell MEDIC first and foremost, if you yell hit or out you are eliminated.  A medic has one minute to reach you, fill out their medic card, wipe the hit for you and you are back in play.  Medics can not heal gun shots.  Medics must wear white arm band tape, have a blank medic card, and properly write down player numbers when being a medic.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of medic supply cards.

No arm band tape required.  Must retain a LAW supply punch card.  Signal a ref who will punch card for each shot used.   LAWS can only be used on man made structures, tanks, or aircraft only.  LAWS eliminate all players inside structure and those on the walls of structure as well.  Once a ref clears a structure players are free to jump back into structure.  REFS are not responsible for retrieving LAW rounds for players.

No arm band required, they must possess marking tape in order to wrap the structure they are blowing up.  A player is neutral and may not be shot at as they are taping off a blown structure.

Only prop that can be used to blow up a structure and keep people from entering into it until a engineer removes the tape surrounding the structure.  A c4 charge must be inside a structure to blow it up.  Softly toss underhand into structures, any long or dangerous throws will result in c4 failure and a ref punch.

Must obtain a engineer card as well as be taped with yellow arm band tape.  These players repair structures that have been destroyed by c4 charges.   Player is not neutral when removing tape and must remove all tape from structure

Choppers(Transport Only)
Located throughout the field is Helicopter fuselage.  Locate all six parts to re-build and turn into event promoter for the use of transport choppers.  A chopper is defined as a group of up to 10 players hand on shoulder with lead pilot with hand in air.  During this time you may not be eliminated by paintball hits until landed.  A law rocket that hits or breaks the plane of passengers results in a crash and all players are eliminated on the flight.  Choppers may battle opposing choppers mid flight only.  Pilot must take a knee when landing, upon landing all players are live.  Choppers can not enter any buildings or structures of any kind.  If Chopper is lawed it is returned to event producer and you may have a chance to rebuild later on in the game.

Game Money
Will be utilized to purchase any game related supplies your side will need to be successful.  Medic Cards, LAW Cards, Transport Chopper Fuel, C4.  This Is For Commanders Use Only.  SEE PRICE SHEET to be released soon.


Payroll Productions reserves the right to omit, change, or alter rules at any time with our discretion