February 12- April 15, 2020

Wednesdays: 11:30 PM - 12:45 PM EST

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Coaches Cafe Global ZOOM Room 



Stephanie Marisca 

CCreate Your Own Adventure Journal


"Dare to have your own adventure. The life you imagine is real." Tama Kieves  


Coaches Café Dream Big, Make it Happen,
Wildly Inspired Adventure! 

Go beyond what you think is possible and dream BIG, play BiG, create Big and have lots of fun!  

Expect big things to happen and know big things are there for you!

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Here's what some original adventurer's said about their experience in this program:  

"I had called into one of our summer adventure classes thinking how energic I was feeling.  You must have read my thoughts; today we were going to do some visioning.  As you spoke I gradually felt myself drifting only to be awakened by a vision of myself standing in front of a classroom delivering a lecture.  I was contacted a week later asking me to teach a course at a local university.   The Big Summer Adventure was an opportunity to imagine and create my journey.  I remember being asked to write down what was my brilliance; I knew I was good at many things, but brilliance was another level.  I pondered this for days and then the answer came to me.  How uplifting.  The Summer Adventure took me out of my head and started me on the journey of becoming free."  

Diane Graff, MSN, PMHCNS, CPC
The Graff Standard


I decided to participate in the Dream Big program as I am a huge fan of Tama Kieves and of Stephanie who hosted it!  I have done several programs with Stephanie and have always gotten tremendous value from them.  I may not always have seen it at first, but the work I have done with her over the years continues to benefit me.  In this case, as I was participating in one of the calls as part of the program and I announced my big dream of publishing a book, that next week I met a man who introduced me to a publisher in New York and we are close to finalizing the book proposal as I speak!  It is unbelievable how the program helped me to vocalize my big dreams and get them into motion!!  I highly recommend this program and guarantee that you will find it as valuable as I have!!"

Sherry Welsh  CPC
Founder, Blue Sky Transformation

Sherry's Mandala


  "I tell everyone that I took a creativity class focused on creatively developing your business idea. I am so proud of the manifesto that I created during the class-it's on my business cards and a large canvas painting that hangs in my office. It's a beautiful example and reminder of inspired creative expression. The Dream Big Adventure is a fantastic opportunity to further explore and give voice to the dream inside you that's just waiting for focused attention." 
Christian Presley, CPC, CYT  

Christian's Manifesto