Sandra Couts R.N. & EFT International Accredited Practitioner                                     Susan Bushell B.Sc. EFT International Accredited Trainer
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Saturday, October 17, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM EDT
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Susan Bushell

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Why Forgiveness Doesn't Work 
Making Room For Our Feelings

Most of us have been challenged by mild to horrific events in our lives that have left us feeling some degree of anger, resentment, betrayal and even a clear intention of deciding to never forgive.The residue of these experiences can leave us with a range of legitimate albeit distressing feelings. Sometimes the distress caused by others runs so deep that we could never consider forgiveness nor should we.

Rarely are we given permission to allow space for our resentment, our rage and inability or refusal to forgive without having to cope with the judgement or well-intended advice of others to forgive and forget. We are sometimes told we need to forgive to heal. Really?

Perhaps forgiveness is not the answer.  Perhaps allowing room for our resentments, or hurt feelings, our sense of betrayal and rage is the way to go. What if there was a safe place within a workshop setting using Energy Psychology methodology to move the energy in your body to release these feelings instead?

There is such a place!

 This workshop is for you if:

  1. You continue to experience distressing feelings around an event that hurt you.
  2. There is a part of you that adamantly refuses to “forget and forgive”.
  3. You notice a lot of your energy goes into coping with a distressing memory.
  4. You just want the emotional pain to go away.
  5. You feel stuck in the past.

All levels of tappers are welcome, whether you have never tried tapping or you are an experienced tapper, there is a space for you.

                      What is EFT/Tapping and how does it work?

Susan defines EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as a "Mindfulness-based, Somatic  Energy Meridian Tapping Technique" It that allows uncomfortable emotions, memories and beliefs to be released from the Human Energy Field and subsequently from the body. It is based on the discovery that when focused on a feeling or event while tapping specific acupressure points the “emotional charge” is downregulated, the neural network calms via an electro-mechanical connection with the collagen in the fascia of the body". Once the negative emotion is no longer front of mind, executive functioning skills come back on line and more positive perspectives engage. Choices seem possible which would have otherwise been challenging. Simply put, EFT is "acupressure for your emotions and limiting beliefs.”

Tapping is a powerful pathway to self-discovery and emotional freedom

  • Tapping is a well-known and scientifically-based Energy Psychology modality that combines the wisdom of Chinese acupressure with modern therapeutic techniques to downregulate emotional distress. Those who use it regularly release, and move stuck energy patterns via the meridian system and the fascial system within the body. This is done by using fingers to tap on specific meridian points while bringing the distress to mind, thus the name Tapping
  • Tapping is not new. It's been around since the early 1990s but it's based on ancient wisdom about the body
  • Tapping is also called EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Tapping/EFT is a mindfulness-based and self-healing, somatic technique that can be used by anyone of any age for many situations and has no reported side effects and is not know to interfere with any medications
  • Tapping is proven effective, safe and supportive in discovering and treating deeper hidden issues
  • Tapping connects us with our unique Self in a way that supports Spiritual expansion and self-love
  • Tapping helps us to deal with our past so we can live in the present
  • Tapping is the "medicine of the future" for emotional distress

The facilitators

Sandra Couts MSN, RN, CHTP, Accredited EFT Practitioner, is an author, EFT Practitioner, and an experienced workshop facilitator. Through her workshops she promotes uniqueness, self-empowerment, and self-love. She supports people in making positive and lasting changes, with a focus on developing and enhancing people’s vitality, energy and intuition. She has personally experienced the benefits of tapping and has witnessed many positive results from her tapping clients.  905-864-4402

Susan Bushell B.Sc.
EFT International Accredited Trainer
and Advanced Practitioner 519-763-9858

Susan has been in private practice in Energy Therapies since 2003 and an EFT Trainer for a decade. She began her career working with at risk youth and their families at Chedoke Hospital in Hamilton in the 1980s. Her intuitive abilities “opened up” around the age of 40 which lead her on a path of discovery eventually landing in the field of Energy Psychology. She has been taught and mentored by EFT Founding Masters Ann Ross, Gwyneth Moss, Judy Byrne, Jaqui Crooks, Carol Look, Sue Beer and Emma Roberts as well as Tania A. Prince. She has also tutored numerous times for clinical psychologist, author and researcher David Feinstein Ph.D. Susan’s practice is based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In 2012 she founded the EFT Gathering in Ontario Canada and continues to organize this EFT networking and community-building event. Susan has taught over 500 EFT students from all over Canada. She offers live, small-group learning experiences, professional supervised. She continues to do one-on-one session work both in person and online and specializes in trauma work, fears, worries and sadness.


Workshop Fee $120
Early Bird Fee Available Until October 1st $100

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