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Wednesdays: 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Session One: Parent Empowerment-you can do this! (free session)
January 8

Session Two: Seven Keys to Citizenship
February 12

Session Three: Guide to Adult Services Options
March 4 

Session Four: Including Siblings in Future Planning
April 8 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

Session Five: Social Navigation: Impact on School and Employment
May 6 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)


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Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin
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What is T.R.A.I.L.S.?

T.R.A.I.L.S. 2020
Transitions for Raising Autism Independance and Living Skills

Plan for adulthood for your teen with developmental disabilities

Do you have solid plans for your child when they become an adult?  Don't wait until your child is an adult to start planning for the future. Begin the journey today with  our Transition Series (TRAILS). This series is designed to help you understand the types of decisions you & your child will be facing as they come of age. 

Don’t wait, TRAILS will assist you in blazing a trail tailored for your teen's adulthood – begin the journey now.

Sessions At A Glance

SESSION 1: Parent Empowerment: you can do this! 
As parents, we often hear about a lack of services after high school and can become paralyzed by fear and worry. Instead of worrying, we need meaningful goals and a plan to implement them. But where do we start? This session is an interactive discussion for parents getting started, or who need to reboot the planning process. Participants will leave with a framework and mindset of how to create a positive future plan.
(Note this session is free)

SESSION 2: Seven Keys to Citizenship
The Seven Keys to Citizenship (Purpose, Freedom, Money, Home, Help, Life, Love) provides a helpful framework for living a more self-determined life. This presentation explores how the seven keys can be a valuable foundation when creating person centered plans. Citizenship can be a passport to full inclusion where people are welcomed, connected, cared for and recognized for their gifts and contributions. Content based on information from Dr. Simon Duffy.

SESSION 3:  Guide to Adult Services Options- Panel Presentation
Are you confused about what type of adult service route to choose? Do you know what the difference is between Family Care and IRIS? Come to this session to hear from a panel of service providers and family members on what the options are, how they work, and what some families have experienced.
SESSION 4:  Including Siblings in Future Planning

Do your adult children know about your future wishes to care for your son or daughter with autism? What would happen if you were suddenly out of the picture? Harriet Redman of WisconSibs will present about how and when to include adult siblings in planning for the future of your teen with a disability.

SESSION 5:  Social Navigation: Impact on School and Empoyment

Hear from experienced educators who have worked with students on the autism spectrum and are currently facilitating discussion/problem-solving groups for young adults who are students at WCTC, and some are also employed. The presenters will be sharing what they have learned about social navigation difficulties, and how they affect students in post-secondary settings as well as on the job as they assist these young adults process challenges they are encountering and help them figure out positive next steps.

Cost per Session is $25.00

Members of the Autism Society Of Southestern Wisconsin save $5 per session. Use discount code:Member when registering.  

Special Rate of $5.00 for adults on the spectrum. Use discount code:AOS when registering.  

 Information on upcoming speaker & presentation.

March  4 session Three : Guide To Adult Service Options