Haines Avalanche Center presents:


 Haines, Alaska

 January 31st, 2020 - February 1st, 2020


 Starts: Fri, Jan 31th 2020 at 5:30 PM AKST     Ends: Sat, Feb 1st 2020 at 4:30 PM AKST     

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 Haines, AK - TBD


 Haines Avalanche Center  
 Timothy Thomas                                              907-796-9263                           timtomakhs@gmail.com  


This is a Friday evening classroom, Saturday field day Motorized Intro to Avalanches certified training that will get you and your backcountry partners proficitent with riding skills that saves lives. The course is taught to American Avalanche Association (A3) standards.

Motorized Intro to Avalanches topics include:

  •  Recognize & avoid obvious avalanche hazard. 
  • Understand and apply current avalanche advisory
  • Recognize avalanche terrain and understand safe motorized travel protocols
  • Understand how layered snow con- tributes to avalanching 
  • Understand basic companion rescue

Learn in the classroom: Avalanche statistics and human factors, terminology, terrain, snowpack and weather factors, obvious clues and red flags, avalanche bulletins, simple decision tools (ALP TRUTh, FACETS, RYG Light, clear communication, etc.), travel protocols, and companion recovery. 

Field examples & hands-on training: Avalanche terrain, avalanche run out zones and terrain traps, basic route selection, motorized travel protocols (one at a time, hand signals, manner in which you park, don’t help stuck partner on slope), snowpack layering, basic stability tests (performing safe slope cuts to identify instabilities, small column tests), current snowpack conditions and weather effects (bulletin), companion recovery including probing, shoveling, beacon use.

Come prepared to be outdoors. Bring your personal equipment that you typically carry with you in the mountains including: beacon, shovel probe. A gear list will be provided. The course meets on all day Saturday. Expect 2 hours Friday and 7 hours field day Saturday.

Course will run from 5:30-7:30 pm Friday and 8:30-4:30pm Saturday with a break for lunch. Location will depend on condtions. 

For questions, comments, or concerns please contact us via e-mail or phone. All registerd students will be kept updated regarding possible time and location changes.

Instructor-to-student ratio is 1:7.

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