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Shaman's Mesa with Jose Luis Herrera 

Are you a mesa carrier? Wondering how do deepen your connection with your mesa? Want to better understand the Peruvian cosmology from which this shamanic tradition sources from? Please join us as Peruvian international teacher, Jose Luis Herrera, assists participants in further developing their relationship with their mesa. Learn to move beyond the personnel to the collective. This training will teach you how to weave ceke lines between your kuyas and forces of nature and deepen your connection with the Peruvian medicine traditions.

Pre-requisite:  Mesa carriers only (e.g. trained in Peruvian shamanic traditions).

Jose Luis Herrera

About the Instructor:

Josť Luis Herrera is an exceptional workshop facilitator and international speaker on indigenous healing methods. Of Peruvian lineage, he brings 25 years of experience gained through extensive research, and apprenticeships with shamans of the mountains, jungle and desert. Josť Luis’ unique education of Engineering and System Science combined with this wisdom of the land and culture enables him to bring the voice, traditions, and wisdom of indigenous cultures to the West. He is the Founder of Rainbow Jaguar Institute, and Chairperson of the non-profit organization the Andean Research Institute which is dedicated to the research and preservation of the traditions of Peruvian medicine people and provides social outreach to impoverished villages.


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The Shaman's Altar or Mesa is the living embodiment of the shaman's cosmovision and exemplifies his journey through the Medicine Path. Across the passage of time personal power is harnessed animisticaly in personal objects or K'uyas. The Mesa is the mediator or compiler of energy and information the Shaman needs to understand in order to provide balance and healing. As the shaman becomes a person of power, a strong energetic relationship takes place that allows the Mesa to reorganize itself to reflect changes in the practitioner's life. Or, in time and profound dedication the shaman can consciously reorganize his mesa to effectively change his surroundings and ultimately help change the world.

The workshop will explore the different uses and approaches of the Mesa from the different traditions: high mountains, ocean washed deserts, and jungles. Every K'uya in the Mesa contains an imprint of essential organizing principle of nature. When one calls the spirit of a mountain through a K'uya an energy filament called Ceke, similar to geomantic lines, is activated bringing the presence of the Mountain. Ceke lines are pivotal energy maps that allow the practitioner to get answers for their healings. We will learn the Sacred Geometry that governs the mesa. The Mastana or Mesa Cloth is a symbolic representation of luminous threads bringing together a system of organizing principles. The entropy of the universe is found in the interplay of balancing opposing forces Yanantin and Masintin found in the two hemispheres of the cloth. For the shaman's this interplay of animistic symbols supports the relationships around fertility, well being, light, and Ayni.

From the San Pedro traditions we will learn the approach of mediated dualities for healing and divination. This tripartite Mesa is effective when dealing with opposing forces that cause physical and energetic imbalance. We will explore the Apu Mesa based on a radial Ceke system that comprises the twelve holy mountains that surround the city of Cusco or Qosqo (navel of the Earth). The functionality of this approach is to provide ways to effectively assemble reality and medicine coordinates. The Tawantinsuyu mesa or four chambered mesa is one of the most organic approaches to explore power by awakening to non ordinary states of consciousness. The solar axis the model uses predetermines in time and space the state of momentums necessary for divination and diagnosis. 

Scanning, tracking, divination, dream work, ceremony and sacred geometry are part of this advanced mastery level program and it is required that you have a full Mesa. The workshop will allow you to learn how to utilize the mesa more effectively in healing and ceremony and how to master perfect Ayni in all your investments and relations.