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Joy in the Journey Workshop Series - Metamorphosis & Becoming 

Intentionally create the life you love with

Joy in the Journey Transformational Workshop series.

Joy in the Journey workshop series is a powerful journey of understanding, forgiving and learning from your past to create a future of unlimited possibilities and step fully into the powerful, beautiful woman you were created to be.

 Metamorphosis & Becoming (Part 1 and 2) – In these TWO workshops you will uncover & step into your beautiful brilliance!

Courage (Part 1 and 2) – In these TWO workshops you will step out of fear, breakthrough your comfort zone and discover your inner confidence!

Throughout time art has been used to explore, heal, understand and express ourselves. In this powerful workshop series, you will uncover, understand and heal your past story and discover and boldly step into the new you using art.

The Joy in the Journey – Butterfly Art Collection was created as a tool to help you visualize yourself in each piece and create the life you love.

The journey encompasses our own personal transformation, the tremendous courage it has taken to step up and do things we’re not comfortable with and is a celebration of our triumphs. The Joy in the Journey Butterfly Art Collection speaks to the different ways we each pass through the process called life.

WORKSHOP SERIES 1 'Metamorphosis & Becoming'

 Uncover and step into your beautiful brilliance

 Part 1 - March 28th 2020

 Part 2 - April 4th 2020

Are you stuck in an old story that no longer serves you? Is that story keeping you from fully experiencing joy, peace and amazing adventures? Do you feel unworthy and sometimes even invisible? Are you tired of feeling like everyone else is prospering and enjoying life while you are still stuck and unfulfilled?

Isn’t it time for a change?

All transformation begins with awareness, love and forgiveness. As you become aware of and acknowledge your old story with love and forgiveness you open yourself to find and discover your new story. Let go of that shy girl inside of you, helpless and unable to stand up for herself and welcome to the world the strong and powerful woman you were born to be. 

With this workshop you can:

  • Gain clarity, vision & purpose, increase your confidence, make a positive mind shift, create the life you want with intention. Here's how we'll do that:


Discover and relax with the therapeutic use of visual art

Create personalized affirmations

Develop your abundance mindset strategy

Focus your mind & energy with powerful mantras unique to you

Align your heart and mind with meditation rituals

Empower yourself with transformative exercises to take home

Release your past with heart clearing & forgiveness exercises


If you are:

  • A woman 35+ who desires to feel more confident, fulfill your purpose, and make a difference in the lives of others this series is for you!


If you have:

  • Let fear hold you back from boldly going after the life you desire…

  • Been downplaying or hiding your brilliance…

  • Juggled and overworked and not been enjoying a balanced and fulfilled life…

  • Not trusted your intuition enough to do what you’re led to do… 


Then it’s time to maximize your brilliance!   


$194 Each two-part series, or $347 for all 4 parts (save $61!)
*Purchase all 4 parts and receive one piece of art that speaks to you from The Butterfly Art Collection.

Now including a Transformational Companion Journal!