Coaching in Organizations for HR Professionals

 Networking and valuable education come together in this group!

Developing leaders is smart business. Join the discussion about how to best utilize internal or external coaching techniques and resources to develop current and high-potential employees to grow, lead, and succeed.

Developing the capabilities of future and current leaders help build organizational capacity for adaptive change, improves efficiency in times of diminishing resources, and fosters a culture that supports growth and innovation.

This group offers human resource professionals the opportunity to connect and develop personal skills in coaching while providing information and ideas for improving the components of organizational coaching, utilizing both external and internal coaches. Join us as we review case studies, meet guest speakers, and enjoy lively group discussion.


Upcoming Meetings in 2020

Coaching as a skillset of Human Resources

Tools and Best Practices for Internal Coaching

Developing Personal Coaching Skills and Practice

Selection of Internal and External Coaches

Coaching for Leadership and Employee Learning and Development

Teaching Leaders Remedial and Developmental Coaching Skills

 Coaching Teams Through Conflict

Human Resources Transitions

Coaching Leaders in Providing and Receiving Feedback

Addressing Needs Created by Personal stress and Burnout

Guest Speakers are Human Resources professionals who have led coaching initiatives, are internal or external coaches, or who have transitioned to employee learning and development roles.