Key Considerations in Federal Subcontracting


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

12:00 to 1:00 PM ET

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Maria Panichelli
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

Federal contracting can be complicated.  Federal subcontracting can sometimes be even more so, from both a prime contractor’s and a subcontractor’s point of view.   A successful subcontracting relationship on a federal project requires the parties to consider not only their own interests, but also the interests of the government.  This legal balancing act requires attention to detail, strategic problem solving, and an informed understanding of the bigger picture and all of its moving pieces. In this webinar, experienced government contracting attorneys Maria Panichelli and Michael Richard will explain how to successfully navigate the subcontracting process as a prime, and as a sub.

 This webinar will cover essential issues that prime contractors and subcontractors must keep in mind when negotiating and drafting subcontracts for use on federal projects.  The hosts will walk you through FAR flow-down clauses and other critical provisions, and explain how to think about disputes and payment clauses.  Pass through claims and claims between prime and subcontractors will also be discussed.  Primes will learn how to structure an agreement to avoid a two-front battle between the owner and subcontractors.  Subs will learn how to avoid getting lost among confusing and conflicting contract clauses, or get stuck without remedy for damages incurred.