Due to state and federal recommendations related to the coronavirus, we are announcing that we will reschedule this workshop. 

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if we don't have minimum registration by 2 weeks ahead then class will be cancelled



Postponed from May 1, 2 & 3

Friday from 6 - 9 p.m.
Saturday & 
Sunday from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. both days 

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18 hours Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers 
Note: This class is a Core Requirement of our PYTT program 

You must be a yoga teacher or have the instructor's permission for teachers currently in yoga teacher training.


3333 Federal Blvd.
parking in the rear from the alley
Denver, CO 80211

Driving Directions 

Course Instructors

Sandy Kline and Mary-Ann Plocher

Sandy and Mary-Ann are two of our most advanced yoga teachers, retaining a deep passion for yoga and all it has to offer. Yoga is an entire darshan and lifelong study. It is their great honor to teach and spread the word about the immense world that is yoga. They also co-teach our basic YTT: the Contemplative Yoga Teacher Training that begins each fall. 


Supporting Students with Props 

$300.00 after April 17, 2020
$335.00 after April 29, 2020

Props create a variety of learning experiences, they keep student’s awareness fresh and involved, and allow a student to experience asana with a different sense of safety.

The use of props:

• Simplifies the asana.  This can be beneficial for new people, allowing them to not feel intimidated by an “image of yoga.”
• Facilitates alignment.  
• Creates safety.
• Makes movement possible for people with limitations or in rehabilitation.
• Builds the stretch at the level a student can fully absorb the experience.  
• Draws attention and support to a muscle(s) that needs focus, rehabilitation or support of any kind.
• Enters an asana “through a back door.”  
• Gives people confidence and they feel they doing the asana fully. 
• Allows connection to pranavayu.
• Creates fun and helps find a freedom of movement.
• Creates a quality of life that may have drastically changed due to accident, injury or illness.  

This continuing education class is specifically focused on the use of external props.  Ties can be used to assist in stretches.  Almost every asana can be adapted to a wall or chair for support.  Working on a ball or weeblie or using weights adds variety and a new way to explore awareness of the body — the silent communicator of the Spirit. What is it telling us? How do we support students in moving beyond 'doing the asana' to 'being within the asana' . . . and listening to messages of the body? 

Join us as we deepen the experience of integrating props as a tools for exploring the multiple dimensions of yogasana. 

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