Tuesday, March 3, 2020 from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST
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Worldwide events have prompted heightened security measures at all Department of Defense (DoD) installations. Ft. McNair is enforcing a 100% ID check, as well as increased vehicle searches, for all visitors. These measures have increased the amount of time required to enter Ft. McNair. In order to ensure the Forum begins promptly at 8:30 AM, we request you arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. If you do not have a DOD issued ID (i.e. military ID, CAC card, dependent ID), you will be asked to present government-issued identification and submit a visitor access request at the Visitor Center. US citizens may present a driver's license. If you are not a US citizen, you will be required to present either your passport or an alien identification card.


William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies
National Defense University
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Wiliam J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies 

The William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Study cordially invites you to attend
our upcoming Hemispheric Forum:

Cuba's Continuing Regional Influence 

Cuba continues to have a disproportional impact on the rest of Latin America well into the 21st Century. This continuing regional influence is baffling to some given Cuba’s loss of its major sponsor, the Soviet Union, at the end of the Cold War. The forum attempts to explore this phenomenon by convening academics, Cuban dissidents, former and current US diplomats to answer the questions of how the island has remained such a rival to the United States and how it has gained so much leverage over countries such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, as well as the factors that have made this possible.

Framing the Discussion

Dr. Brian Latell, Senior Research Associate, Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs, Florida International University

Cuban Diplomacy, Cooperation, and Intelligence Gathering Activities
Dr. Juan Antonio Blanco,
Executive Director, Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba

An American Perspective on Cuba's Regional Influence
Ambassador Otto Reich, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs

Cuba's Information and Propaganda Campaign in the Hemisphere
Mr. ┴lvaro Alba,
Historian and Journalist, MartÝ Noticias

US Policy Towards Cuba during the Obama Administration: Seeking Rapprochement
Mr. Ricardo Z˙˝iga,
Senior Diplomatic Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center Latin American Program; Former Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs, United States National Security Council

Conclusions and Policy Implications
Ms. Carrie Filipetti,
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Cuba and Venezuela, United States Department of State

For more information about this exciting Hemispheric Forum, including a schedule of events, please visit our web page at https://www.williamjperrycenter.org/content/hemispheric-forum-cubas-continuing-regional-influence

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