Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 3:00 PM PST
Saturday, January 30, 2021 at 6:00 PM PST

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Pierpont Inn 
550 Sanjon Rd.
Ventura, CA 93001

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Blues Harmonica Jam Camp 

Register at the  Bottom of the Page for this Great Camp Still $995 for 5 days of Brilliance

January 26-30, 2021   Ventura, California at Pierpont Inn

Rooms between $119 and $139 a night.

Call (805) 643-0245  for Hotel Reservations.

Los Angeles International Airport is 1.5 hours away.

Santa Barbara Airport is 40 minutes away.

Jon Gindick's Blues Harmonica Jam Camp  

with Coaches Cheryl Arena, Richard Sleigh, Brian Calway, 

TJ Klay, Ralph Carter, Jon Gindick


Jon Gindick's Ventura Blues Harmonica Jam Camp--A Limited Enrollment 5 Day Jamming and Learning Vacation for Diatonic Harmonica Players-- with a Focus on You, the Fundamentals of Blues Harmonica and the Joys of Jamming. At the World-Famous Pierpont Inn, on the beach, in Southern Cal's best music town.

We invite you to bring your family, your friends on this vacation. Most people find The Delta fascinating, like another country, and a welcome return to a more relaxed feeling. 

We build things so people mix, so spouse feel welcome, so everyone enjoys and benefits from the camp. There are places to visit and characters to meet.

Friendships are formed. There is so much music. Sometimes you swear there's music in the wind. 

About You and The Jam Camp Experience

Raw Beginners: we have a strong program for you, including a pre seminar phone or SKYPE lesson and membership in our video harp club, hours of instruction. 

Advanced and Intermediates: no worries, we offer separate classes on separate levels. In addition to harping, we offer guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, and include singing and songwriting in our curicullum.

Jam Camp has evolved towards more of an emphasis on total musicality through harp playing, songwriting and singing, with lots and lots of jamming.

By total musicality, we mean, helping our campers "swing" when they play the harp. By making them more confident, more ryhthmic, more lyrical, more adventurous, more "listening, more relaxed, more ear-trained, more in touch with the inner musician.

Welcome to Harmonica Jam Camp! 

Your Mission with Jon and Jam Camp Team?
Identifying your next level, and helping you achieve it and beyond in five days of intense teaching, learning, practice and jamming.

Each Jam Camp is a carefully concocted brew of "Information, Inspiration andExperience" designed to get you jamming as never before.

Because of our limited enrollment with lots-of-coaches policy, you are assured individual attention. This is the camp where you're the star!

Jam Camp starts with a non-mandatory lesson/feedback SKYPE session when you sign up. E-Mail me at Gindick48@gmail.com to make an appointment. These session are fun. Please no cell phones as they distort your natural tone. International, we can use SKYPE.

Then comes the big day. Don't kid yourself. Everyone is nervous. Just think of it as creative elation, preparation for one of the highest musical events in your life.

Are you a raw beginner? Your phone consultations and free Video Harp Club will get you started correctly. You should feel no pressure to be any better than you are, or learn any faster than you naturally do. This camp is about you.

Have you been playing awhile, and want to play in front of others? This will happen often and naturally.

Remember, everyone is nervous. Relaxing to play better harp is a big topic for us. If you're a stage fright victim, Jam Camp is a great place to address and solve this debilitating and unnecessary problem...at your own pace.

Or, are you perhaps a very good player, a player with a band, who wants to play even etter? Let's define what you are looking for and help you achieve it. You know where the holes are in your playing. We've got the experts to sniff them out and nudge you from good to great. Our world class player/coaches will challenge, stimulate, educate, and engage you.

Jam Camp brings together the best teachers in the world focusing on an inspired YOU, jamming, learning, communing with players at all levels. Leave your ego at the door and come on in.

You'll also be working in small groups with players of your level. Although class size varies- remember our ratio is about 5 campers per coach. These small support jam and drill groups are an invaluable part of Jam Camp.

Our coaches--among the world's best player/teachers-- will work with beginner,advanced and intermediate to make your harp dreams come true.

Our atmosphere is "everyone learns from everyone." We have had advanced players attend just to be part of it.

Who is Jon Gindick?

Handsome and modest bluesman harp player/ singer/guitarist musical healer (with sense of humor), and, since 1977, author of the world's best-selling harmonica instruction books cds/ videos. (Over a million sold.) Founder and main guy of Blues Harmonica Jam Camp, lucky dude who has surrounded himself and you with the best in the business and has now put on 50 Jam Camps with dozens of return campers/friends who are getting better and better.

Here are Some of the Things You and Your Coaches Will Do ...

We will explore and group-practice tone, embouchure, articulation, phrasing,hands, tongue-blocking, I-IV-V chord progressions, chugging, jamming theory, cross harp melody, cross harp riffs, third position, the harp player as singer, how to learn, how to teach, how to set up a band, amplification, and you will jam, jam, jam. Even if you are a complete beginner we'll get you wailing!

In the highest, most supportive environoment you can imagine, each of us, nerves and all, gets to jam with a really good blues band several times over the course of your camp. If you want the coach of your choice to get up on stage with you to help out, that coach will. If you want to solo til you pass out, we'll stand behind you and catch you. Everyone gets to shine.

If you are closet player, this is your time to “come out” in a supportive, structured environment. We have several rooms at the The Shack Up Inn (and at The Pierpont at our Ventura Camp) in which we can separate and yet still be together. To assure sanity and attention, the enrollment is limited. It will be stimulating, but structured so you can hear yourself think and play. Jam Camp is about YOU, the fundamentals, and the joys of jamming, jamming, jamming.

Players of all ages are welcome. We are especially proud when women and children sign up as campers. 

We love it when dedicated young people attend.
We love it when older people attend.
We love it when people with physical disabilities attend.
And no camp is complete without the feminine persuasion. 
Want to bring your family? Cool!
We ask that they understand that this week is for you, and about the harmonica!

In addition to blues harp instruction, we offer

1. Morning Singing Classes

2. Harmonica Repair

3. Jamming in downtown Ventura

4. Returnee Mini Concerts

If you are a new harmonica player, and wonder if you are good enough, the answer is yes. Our only requirement is a good attitude. If you've got that, you're in. If you are a good player, but need to add something more, Jam Camp coaches have a lot of challenges, and information up their sleeves. Our team of player coaches are among the most accomplished in the world. You cannot help but raise your own level, and get the feedback you need.

CALL JON AT 310-579-7114 for more information.

Refund Policy: 100% credit at any other camp.