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Shibani Pandya 
Cultural Training Asia / Developing Global Leaders Asia 

The Culture Key – Communicating Effectively Across Cultures 

In response to the current Coronavirus outbreak in Asia, a number of organisations are cancelling development programs and events. In order to support organisations to continue developing and motivating their people, we have organised a series of online webinars on cross-cultural competence during this challenging period.

Why sign up?

The sessions are

  • addressing today’s key cross-cultural challenges in Asia
  • short and convenient
  • practical with plenty of tips and best practices
  • virtual, yet interactive and engaging
  • great value for money
  1. Indirect and Direct Communication and Saving 'Face'
  2. Hierarchy and Equality
  3. Verbal Communication Patterns and the Role of Silence
  4. Building Relationships and Task Execution

Delivery Platform: Zoom – you will receive after registration and payment.

Webinar Duration: 75 minutes per session

Each session will be run by Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli and will be delivered on two separate occasions in February and March so you can choose which time is most convenient.  The maximum number of participants is 40 and seats will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. 

SGD 99 per session. This includes a pdf of the session presentation.
SGD 350 for a package of four sessions.
This package also includes a free pdf version of the book ‘The Culture Key between Asia and the West’ written by Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli in addition to the pdfs of all session presentations. Upon registering for all 4 sessions, you'll receive the webinar links and a pdf version of the book.

For companies wanting to make group bookings or if you would like to pay by direct bank transfer or PayNow, please contact mhughes@developinggloballeaders.com.  Invoices or receipts are available upon request. 

Sessions for internal use and delivery can also be arranged.

Upcoming dates and session descriptions

1.     The Culture Key - Communicating Effectively Across Cultures: Indirect vs Direct Communication and Saving 'Face'
Mar 10 - 09.15-10.30

Are direct communicators rude? Are indirect communicators hiding something? The way we give feedback and say 'yes' and 'no' have a great impact on interpersonal communication, recruitment and promotions as well as whether business deals get signed or abandoned. In this session we are looking at the values behind indirect and direct communication, how we perceive each other from 'the other side' and how we can adjust our styles depending on the situation and the cultures involved.

2.     The Culture Key - Communicating Effectively Across Cultures: Hierarchy and Equality
Mar 10 - 10.45-12.00

Why do some people dominate meetings while others don't seem to have an opinion? Different cultures have different approaches to hierarchy. This often influences information sharing as well as decision making. Empowerment can be challenging in hierarchical cultures and less hierarchical cultures may perceive the lack of speaking up as a lack of confidence or even competence. How can we differentiate between individual and cultural differences and ensure that everybody has an active role in meetings and decision making?

3.     The Culture Key - Communicating Effectively Across Cultures: Verbal Communication Patterns and the Role of Silence
Mar 13 - 14.00-15.15

Are people lacking language skills, knowledge or confidence? Are others 'self-important' and love to listen to their own voice? Silence is not only a negotiation tactic but also something we use subconsciously in our communication. Bringing awareness to our preference and others' favoured communication patterns will help participants understand the need for adjusting the use of silence in communication.

4.     The Culture Key - Communicating Effectively Across Cultures: Building Relationships and Task Execution
Mar 13 - 15.30-16.45

Shall we get down to business immediately, shall we have some small talk or shall we build proper relationships first? Depending on our natural cultural preferences we have different expectations. When relationship-oriented people spend time getting to know each other, task-oriented people may perceive this as unnecessary time-wasting. On the other hand, when task-oriented people focus on the task at hand rather than also building a relationship with their counterpart, this may be viewed as too cold and uncaring by relationship-oriented people. Participants will learn how to focus on both task and relationship depending on their own preference and the context they are working in.

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