FEBRUARY 17-18, 2020

 Registration for this master class is open to the public. 

Juniors 4-5 (AGES 11-12)

4:15-5:45pm - Ballet Technique

Apprentice & Pre-Professional (AGES 13+)

5:45-7:45pm - Ballet Technique / Jumps and Turns


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Bayer Ballet Academy Studios 
2028 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043

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For the past 20 years, Alexei Moskalenko has been working with the world largest Ballet Competition for students - Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), as Judge, Master teacher, NY Rehearsals Director, Tour Director, US Operations Director and Assistant Artistic Director.  Alexi evaluates, judges, guides and teaches more than10,000 students, who compete at YAGP, across 26 US cities and 13 countries, yearly.

Prior to moving to the United States in 1992, Alexei danced and toured around the world with Bolshoi Ballet Grigorovich, Prokofiev's Moscow Ballet and Moscow Children Musical Theater.  Following a 10 year career as a principal dancer with numerous ballet companies, Alexei devoted himself to teaching and directing students in US and around the world, including American School of Russian Ballet (Owner/Artistic Director), Markell School of Dance, and Indiana Ballet Conservatory's Pre-Professional Program (Director).  He has served as adjudicator, choreographer, and master teacher world-wide, across the US, Spain, France, Portugal, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Romania, China, Japan, Korea, Kirgizstan, and Argentina. 

 Alexei's students have received numerous awards in the world's most prestigious ballet competitions, including Moscow IBC (gold medal), Varna and Jackson IBC (silver medals), YAGP (numerous), to name a few.  Many have joined professional ballet companies, prestigious ballet schools, summer programs, and dance universities.

Mr. Moskalenko graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Moscow with a  Vaganova Method teaching degree.  Teachers: Maxim Martirosian, Alexander Bondarenko and Alexander Prokofiev.


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B. Code of Conduct. 

BBA students are expected to be on time, dressed appropriately for class. BBA at its sole discretion may dismiss any student for inappropriate and/or disrespectful behavior. BBA adheres to the following policy for bad behavior:

First offense - student will be asked to sit down in class and the parent will be notified.

Second offense - student will be asked to leave class and the parents will be notified.

Third offense - student will be asked to leave class and parents must attend a meeting with BBA Director before the student is allowed to resume the classes.

Fourth offense - student will be expelled from the academy; no refund will be issued, and full tuition through the end of the year will be charged as agreed.

C. Medical Emergencies.

In the event that any serious injury shall occur involving the student, I wish for BBA's supervisory personnel to take appropriate steps to notify me immediately, but if I am inaccessible for any reason, I authorize whatever medical attention is deemed appropriate for the student.

D. Insurance and Indemnity.

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BBA may at times deliver participants to various third parties, who are not BBA employees, consultants or affiliates, who will conduct, supervise, guide or instruct participants in various activities. BBA assumes no duty to certify, monitor or verify the qualifications of any third parties involved in these activities. Any concerns regarding the qualifications of any third parties conducting these activities should be directed to the third parties. Participant agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless BBA for liability for damages arising out of negligence of such third parties. I recognize that dance and all related activities require intense physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury and therefore involve unique risks of Damages, and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. I understand the nature of Marley floors, mobile floor bars and other dance equipment, and the consequences of wearing ballet slippers, pointe shoes, socks or bare feet and other related dance footwear, and I accept full responsibility for my own choice of footwear. I am satisfied with the condition of BBA's facilities and hereby assume all the risks inherent in the activities there. I voluntarily assume the risks of any and all damages I may incur at BBA.

I further agree that the above Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability is intended to be as broad as permitted under California law, and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that all other portions shall continue in full legal force and effect. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE ABOVE AGREEMENT AND VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO SIGN THIS DOCUMENT. IF THE PARTICIPANT IS A MINOR, THIS DOCUMENT IS TO BE SIGNED BY THE MINOR'S LEGAL GUARDIAN. BY SIGNING BELOW THE MINOR'S LEGAL GUARDIAN INDICATES THAT HE OR SHE UNDERSTANDS THAT "I" ABOVE REFERS TO BOTH HIM OR HER AND THE MINOR. If BBA is the prevailing party in any legal proceeding either related to or brought under these terms and conditions, it shall be entitled to recover from the parents all costs from such proceeding and reasonable attorneys fees. California law shall govern any disputes between the parties.

F. Miscellaneous. 

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G. Effectiveness. 

This Registration Form shall become effective only upon BBA's written acceptance, which shall be acknowledged by BBA's written Acceptance and Confirmation email.