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Vet the Venture - Is My Idea Lucrative?
 A Small Business Success Series Workshop  by HCC©


Thursday, April 2, 2020
From 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM CDT
Additional Dates: Apr 9, Apr 23, May 14
Site registration/Check in: 8:30 AM

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HCC Alief Hayes
2811 Hayes Road
Brown Building with flags, A319/320, 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77082

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Bill Klingberg

About Us:
SCORE is an all-volunteer group with real-world business experience, dedicated to your success.

Our Mission: Help small Businesses succeed. 

Our Mantra: We educate, counsel, mentor.

Founded in 1964, SCORE is a non-profit association and a Resource Partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.
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HCC Center for Entrepreneurship – West Houston 

OUR MISSION:  To help entrepreneurs start and grow their small businesses. 

We do this by offering workshops, seminars, summits, classes and competitive training and advising, while also providing practical knowledge, resources and connections.

For more on the HCC Center for Entrepreneurship - West Houston contact us at or 713-718-6650. 

  This workshop is part of Houston Community College’s           new Business Success Series by HCC©,
   specially developed for entrepreneurs who are either             planning to start a business, in the 
early stages of launch
   or planning to grow their business.

Assists entrepreneurs in determining the financial viability of their business idea or growth plan. Covers competition, market need, price positioning, differentiators, revenue projections, start-up costs & more.

Many, if not most, entrepreneurs who wish to start or grow their businesses have difficulty in determining if their business idea or growth plan will be lucrative. 

This workshop is designed to assist these entrepreneurs in determining the financial viability of their business idea or growth plan.  There is no point in expending a lot of time and money on your proposed business or proposed growth plan if you are able to determine early on that it may not be financially lucrative.  Equally important, the proper research can help you pivot early on to abandon non-lucrative ideas and to change and redirect your business assumptions when necessary to achieve success.

During the workshop you will be examining your idea from several perspectives to assist you in determining the financial viability of your business venture.

Featured Topics: 

  • Competitive space and product/service substitutes
  • Market need, market size and market positioning
  • Business model options 
  • Differentiators
  • Revenue models 
  • Financials - selling price, gross margin, fixed costs, break-even, etc. 
  • Start-up investments - time, team and financial resources

  Thanks to Wells Fargo Bank, sponsor of the
  2020 Small Business Success Series by HCC© and for making it     possible for HCC to offer the series at reduced fees to our
  community and for free to HCC students, faculty, staff & alumni

This workshop is part of Houston Community College’s new Small Business Success Series, specially developed for entrepreneurs who are either planning to start a business, in the early stages of launch or planning to grow their business.

Request a Certificate of Completion from HCC after completing all five workshops in the series
If You've missed a workshop(s) in the Spring Series, sign up for others offered in the summer and fall at HCC. New schedules will be announced as each season approaches.

Featured Presenters: 
  Ned Mueller – Entrepreneur in Residence, Houston Community College,     
  Center for Entrepreneurship Southeast, Founder and CEO, Mueller           
  Consultants, LLC, Silver Fox Advisor and Board Member.
  Ned’s past experience includes Executive Vice President, Designs   
Houston LLC, and managerial and executive positions with The 
Group, GB Tech, ARINC Engineering Services and Lockheed
Ned Mueller also rose to Lieutenant Colonel serving 21
in the United States Marine Corps. 

  Austin Tenette is a certified business coach with the Focal Point
  Coaching organization; the brain child of Brian Tracy, a business growth
  specialist, who has authored over 70 books and has served over 5 million
  people globally via seminars, workshops and self-study programs.
  Austin’s practice is focused on accelerating the growth and well-being
  of business leaders and owners, by focusing on three main areas:
  strategic direction and execution, customer experience and team dynamics.    

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