Tuesday, March 31, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
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Rebecca Harned 
National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation 

Intelligence-Driven Resource Management & Mutual Aid Planning

Join us for this virtual seminar to learn about a new risk analysis-based resource planning tool that supports the following:

  • Equips leaders and resource planners with critical information to make better resource management decisions during preparedness and readiness.
  • Enables risk information to be rapidly integrated into the planning process for resource management.
  • Increases the accessibility and usage of risk and resource information within existing resource management systems to improve decision-making prior to an incident.-

Who Should Participate?

  • Public Safety Leaders, Emergency Managers, and Planners across all levels of government who are responsible for local agency, regional, and/or state level mutual aid and/or resource management planning and operations. -
  • IT, Technologists, and GIS Staff across all levels of government and the private sector who provide IT and technology-related GIS support to emergency management and mutual planning and operations. -
  • Technology Vendors and Providers - Public and private sector companies that develop and provide technology-based mutual aid, resource management, and crisis management systems for the public safety community. -

Seminar Objectives

  • Learn how to use a new mutual aid planning tool that is publicly available at no cost.
  • Learn about best practices in using core sets of data and analysis that provide valuable intelligence for resource planning - starting in clear skies with risk assessment, seamlessly moving into a strong readiness posture (long-term and - short-term forecast) - and into response operations involving the request and - deployment of resources. -
  • Gain access to the developer toolkit so that you can work with your agency's developer to customize the tool to incorporate your agency's resource inventory data, and integrate the tool within your existing resource management, mutual --aid, and/or crisis management systems. -

Background Information

NAPSG Foundation has been working with the community to identify gaps and requirements for how technology can be applied to improve risk assessment, resource planning, and management. The need for a standardized mutual aid planning tool has been routinely identified as a critical need so that risk information can be integrated into the operational workflows that broader planning and resource management systems support.

Following extensive research and requirements gathering with the public safety community, NAPSG developed the Mutual Aid Planning Tool to support your agency in equipping leaders and planners with better intelligence for resource planning and management.