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Thursday, April 30, 2020
11AM - 12PM PST

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Normal Fee $35 per person or couple


Jen Varela 
Sugar Night Night 

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Babies are welcome. Toddlers can come too but remember they can hear AND understand what is being said.

Hosted by San Diego Breastfeeding Center

Gentle Sleep Solutions & Sleep Basics


  • I think I’ve completely messed up. Can I still fix it?
  • How young is too young to sleep train?
  • Is the cry it out method the only option to get my baby on a sleep routine?

Jen Varela, a Certified Gentle Sleep CoachSM, answers your sleep questions with proven sleep solutions that help keep tears to a minimum.

This workshop provides a comfortable environment for a group of parents to get together and learn how to gently solve their children's sleep problems. In this workshop, we'll cover general sleep education and the science and behavioral “must knows." Topics include common problems, how to solve them and the secret to sleep coaching success... all with keeping tears to a minimum.  

If you or someone you know struggles with getting baby or toddler to sleep, this workshop will provide you with solutions and hope.

Jen Varela, Sleep Coach

Jen Varela, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, co-author of “Loved to Sleep”, founder of Sugar Night Night, a pediatric sleep consulting services and Past President for Postpartum Health Alliance. 

Jen has helped more than 3,500 sleep-deprived families have sweet sleep since 2010. These families have benefited from her expertise at workshops and on phone consultations — and 700+ have partnered with Jen as private coaching clients.  She is located in San Diego, California and provides video coaching nationwide.

She offers one-one-one sleep coaching services for 4 month old’s to 5 years old, education and sleep shaping information for parents with infants under 4 months and workshops for 0-5 months, 6-13 months and toddlers.